Take Flight at the Strategic Air Command Museum

Take Flight at the Strategic Air Command Museum

Just south of Omaha you will come across the Offutt Air Force Base. This fairly nondescript area happens to be the headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Command. Nestled in the middle of farmland, just off exit 426 from Interstate 80, travelers will come across the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. This museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the Strategic Air Command, while educating the public in the areas of aviation and science.

Open 9:00 to 5:00 daily, except holidays, visitors are welcomed by a few aircraft on display as you drive up the entrance. As you park you will notice the four rockets lining the walkway toward the entrance. These were each developed to assist in space exploration, satellite delivery or national defense. As you proceed past them you see the large glass entrance to the museum.









The 300,000 square foot facility has a glass atrium entrance, where guests will view a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. The Blackbird, which was built in the mid-1960’s, is still considered the world’s fastest airplane. The maximum speed is still classified information, but the cruising speed is listed at 1,320 mph. The plane is constructed largely of titanium, and has a special skin to resist the high heat of supersonic speeds.

The museum features two hangers, which are filled with an assortment of aircraft. Bombers, fighters, helicopters, and support aircraft fill the spaces, and offer visitors an up close view of these amazing machines. The museum also participates with other national museums in an exchange program. This allows them to offer traveling exhibits, which focus on assorted topics.

The museum offers educational programs for children including camps, workshops, overnight stays, scout programs, and science fairs. It also offers a venue to host birthday parties, which would be a special delight for a space enamored child. A snack bar is available for visitors to quench their thirst or stave off hunger. Near the end of your stay be sure to make a stop at the gift shop, and pick up a special token to remember your visit. Admission is $12.00 for adults, and $6.00 for kids age 4 to 12. Parking is free. Now wouldn’t it be great if they let you go for a ride in the aircraft of your choice?

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    We always find something new at SAC & Aerospace Museum. Their simulators are a thrill; take a ride if you return!

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