When we visit a new destination, we try to mix plenty of cuisine choices in our meal plans. One choice we almost always slip in is a burger joint. Tucker’s Onion Burgers had such an interesting backstory that it just had to be included. Our friendly followers in Oklahoma confirmed that an onion burger was a “must try” during our visit to Oklahoma City.

We want to thank the Visit Oklahoma City and Tucker’s Onion Burgers for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

The exterior of Tucker's suggests the industrial vibe that you find inside.

Long History at Tucker’s Onion Burgers

To understand the history of onion burgers, you have to travel back to the 1920’s. The country was struggling economically and the Great Depression was forcing hard choices in most people’s lives. Looking to stretch the ground beef in their burgers, cooks began adding a pile of shredded onions. Not only was this an economic boost, it created a delicious accent to the burgers. Before long, diners and cafes all across the state of Oklahoma had embraced this practice. To this day, Oklahoma has claimed the title of “Onion Burger Capital of the World”.

The interior has a casual industrial feel fit for family dining.

Keeping It Close

Tucker’s prides themselves in using the finest ingredients in all of their dishes. They source their products from a 300 mile radius to insure freshness. Their restaurants are designed to be environmentally friendly. The disposable items are all recyclable or compostable, which is an environmentally responsible step we are beginning to find at more locations we visit. The clean, industrial design creates a casual vibe fit for a family visit. Our stop was after a hot day at the Oklahoma Zoo, and we never felt out of place. (You can read about our zoo visit here.)

The meals we enjoyed were more than enough to squash our hungers from a day of exploring.

Getting Our Eat On

After a day filled with exploring, we were more than ready for a hearty meal. The choices at Tucker’s are not limited to just beef burgers. They also offer turkey burgers and even a veggie burger version. We ordered one of the 100% Black Angus Single Onion Burgers with cheese. You can also pick a double or even the Mother Tucker, if you are REALLY hungry. Be prepared for more than a pound of patties to land in front of you. Our second choice was their Tucker’s Clucker. A chicken breast is breaded with their special seasoning, and we even had them toss on some bacon. Add in an order of their fresh cut fries and we were set to smash our hungers. To wash this all down we picked one of their fresh squeezed lemonades, as well as a seasonal shake. At that time it was peach flavor and packed with bits of real peach. By the time we finished our meal, we understood why onion burgers have been a wild success for almost 100 years. We are betting they will be around another century, as well. Have you ever tasted an onion burger? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. Let’s see how many of you loved them like we did!



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