12 Hours On The Western Edge of Kansas City

12 Hours On The Western Edge of Kansas City

We find no fault with people who are proud of their home town. We are both from Wyandotte County, which is lovingly referred to as being a “Dotte”. Traveling has just made us appreciate our local life even more, and we are always happy to spend a day around “Our” town.Sunrise at Sunflower Hills Golf Course.

Up Early in Western Wyandotte County

I enjoy a round of golf, but usually only have time to fit it in our schedule if I play really early. Crystal does not play, so many times I go it alone. On some mornings I am lucky enough to have her join me. Of course, this does mean a couple of compromises. First, we have to stop for coffee prior to going to the course. Not a big deal, since I usually want a cup, as well. Second, there is usually going to be a breakfast involved afterwards. Once again, not a big deal, especially if it means I will get her company. My favorite course is Sunflower Hills Golf Course, which is located in Wyandotte County Park. Playing early does allow for some of the most beautiful sunrises, so that’s an added bonus.

Waffle with eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Pancakes with eggs and sausage.

We have found a few breakfast restaurants in Wyandotte County, and are always on the lookout for more. If you know of any we haven’t included on our blog, let us know. We will certainly try to check them out. On this particular morning we paid a visit to Perky’s Cafe. Now this particular business has two locations. One is at 110th & Parallel. The other, which is the one we visited, is just across the county line in Basehor, Kansas. The place is clearly a local hangout, and everyone seems to know each other’s names. Of course, we were newbies, so we stood out a little. That and the fact that I was taking pictures of everything. Anyway, the breakfast was good, and their plate presentation is very appealing. By the time we finished our breakfast, we felt like part of the regular crowd. As a matter of fact, Crystal even spotted some people she knew.

Author examines a Wyandotte County map.

A Little County History

Since we were already out on the western edge, we figured it was a perfect time to visit the Wyandotte County Museum. This little hidden gem is tucked away in Wyandotte County Park near 126th & State Avenue. We spent a lot more time here than we expected, and even had a chance to chat with staff during our stop. It is a place that should be visited by all “Dottes”, so that they can get a better understanding of our areas history. (read more about this museum here>)

Chicken wings on a table near Kansas Speedway.

Dinner in the Fast Track

We left the museum around Noon, and headed east to the Legends Shopping Center. We didn’t take a bunch of pictures here, but we did capture some memories. Besides shopping, we also like to sit near the fountain and people watch. It’s a great spot for this particular activity. As dinner time approached, we made the short drive over to the Hollywood Casino. Our meal was at Turn 2, which is their sports bar. It has the unique advantage of having a balcony seating area that overlooks the second turn of the Kansas Speedway. That’s a view you can’t get at any other spot in Kansas City. (read more about this restaurant here>)

With full bellies, and our purchases from earlier, we made our way home. Being from Wyandotte County, which is the smallest county in the state of Kansas, the drive wasn’t too far. We reflected on the amount of attractions, shopping, and restaurants that we have packed in the “Dotte”. We certainly like it a lot better than what we had in the 1980’s. It allows us to have a wide selection of ways to spend a day in Our town.

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  1. Betsy July 27, 2017 at 9:26 am - Reply

    Jeff & Crystal,

    Glad you had a great time visiting the “Dotte”! You hit some of best spots in Wyandotte County. As the Tourism Coordinator for the City of Bonner Springs, I love reading the experience from a travelers perspective. Thank you for visiting our city and let me know if you ever visit again, I would be happy to help accommodate!


    • Jeff & Crystal July 27, 2017 at 10:54 am - Reply

      Thanks, Betsy. We will be sure to contact you before our next visit.

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