Let’s face it, the idea of traveling to new destinations, during our vacations, is what makes work worthwhile. With the “staycation” mentality finally subsiding, more people are making plans to get out of town. While many of us remember the trips of old, research shows that there have been some changes in the mentality of today’s travelers. More people are looking for a culturally fulfilling experience. They want to “Visit Like A Local”. The flood of travel blogs, vlogs, and e-papers put loads of destinations in the palm of your hand. Too often the articles are simply trip overviews, which lack the details that travelers need to make good decisions on which restaurants, attractions, and businesses to visit. How can you really gauge the places you are considering?

Why We Write

We started Our Changing Lives after five years of toying with a localized restaurant blog. While this early endeavor was basically an outlet for our writing fever, it soon gained exposure and a solid following. Launching our travel website was done only after considerable research and discussion. We wanted to set ourselves apart from the crowd and offer our readers more detail. The decision was made that we would produce a separate article about each place we visit, and then later wrap up the whole trip in an overview article. This allows our readers to get a look and feel for the place, while still in their trip planning mode. It also allows us more original content for our website and fuels the fresh articles that we deliver each week. We found this to be a win-win for our readers, as well as the businesses we highlight.

Keeping It Clean

One of the first things that people notice when visiting our website is the lack of pop-ups and advertisements. We have chosen a self-funded approach to make our reader’s visit more pleasant. To do this, we work closely with CVB’s, Tourism Bureaus, and businesses to offset our travel expenses. This allows us to feature more sites at each of our destinations and gives our growing readership more options when determining their own travel plans. Our approach is a cost-effective form of advertising that reaches our highly engaged, quickly growing readership. We also feature our visits on our social media feeds throughout our stay. Our goal will be to grow our revenue base through our social media accounts, which should help keep our website user friendly.


Who We Work With

Our first year at Our Changing Lives was an immense success due to our partnerships. We have created many new relationships, and continue to expand our reach. The list of businesses we partnered with is too large to showcase here, and we would hate to overlook even one. Our Media Kit does list a few of our key partners and is available upon request through the form below.

Media Kit


Here are what some of our partners had to say about working with us.

“Visit Wichita truly enjoyed partnering with Jeff and Crystal of ‘Our Changing Lives’ for a visit to Wichita. They made the most of their time in the city – experiencing many of Wichita’s museums, attractions, and restaurants. The volume and quality of content they produced from their trip was tremendous.”

Jessica Sawatski – PR Manager for Visit Wichita

“Jeff approached me about helping them with a trip to the Amana Colonies to write their blog.  It was a wonderful experience working with a professional like Jeff.  He was organized and did his research to find out about the Amana Colonies.  When they arrived, we gave them some final insight on what might be of interest.  They did a great job of experiencing a wide variety of activities that their readers could expect to see in the Colonies.  The end result was a well-written blog.”

David Rettig – Executive Director for Amana Colonies Convention and Visitors Bureau

“Out of all the bloggers we host, you are the most organized. I love the weekly recaps of your trip. It’s very impressive and I would be happy to be a reference anytime you reach out to another CVB for a hosted trip. You went above and beyond what we normally experience!”

Julie Roller – Director for Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Thank you for covering Branson. Your site is very nicely presented.”

Lynn Berry – Director of Communications for Explore Branson

“Thank you for your precision and detailed information. You and Crystal are real pros. I’m currently attending TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange) and was talking about you with a colleague. I was telling him how fantastic it had been working with you. Let’s keep this good relationship going.”

Paule BergeronAccount Executive for Québec City Tourism

“Thank you so much for all of the coverage you have provided on OKC. The blogs have been well received and I have been sharing them with our partners.”

Tabbi Burwell – Senior Manager of Destination Communications for Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau


How To Work With Us

We select many of our destinations based on an ever-expanding radius from our hometown. We will usually complete 8 to 12 road trips per year, as well as tossing in plenty of day trips nearby. Our goal is to build a network of featured cities for our readers to choose from when planning their own explorations. Of course, we are still flexible enough to make some alterations to our schedule. Would you like us to feature your hometown in some great articles? We love planning visits to new cities. Contact us to see how we can work together. You can email us at jeff@ourchanginglives.com


See You Soon

We invite you to take a tour of our website and see the articles we have written for other cities. You will find that we approach our writing with a positive attitude, and try to showcase locally owned businesses, when possible. Whether exploring a downtown venue or a more relaxed countryside stay, we always seek out the best way to highlight our visits. We look forward to working with you and hope to hear from you soon.

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