Our established readers know that when we visit a new destination we always try to root out at least one hidden gem dining option. This is a talent we have honed in our own backyard. Even with all of our exploring in the Kansas City metro, we still are amazed when we discover a new one. Pirate Pete’s Grill, in Parkville, truly fits this category. A relative newcomer to this riverside city, Pete’s is aiming to carve out a niche as a popular local hangout.

The menu at Pirate Pete's is substantial.

Hearty Menu at Pirate Pete’s Grill

On a cool Fall day, we dropped by Pirate Pete’s Grill to sample their menu. First glance shows this to be a meat lovers paradise. Our first decision was whether we wanted beef, pork, or chicken. Of course, if we had wanted we could have opted for a true foot-long hot dog. Once we both picked beef, our next decision was how much beef. This place is not one that will leave you asking “Where’s the beef?” Since all of the meals come with an order of fries or tator tots, we both restricted ourselves to quarter-pounders. Our drink of choice is water, but we could have easily chosen a float or shake. For those days that you just want to hang out and watch a game, they even offer some adult choices.

A pirate statue watches over the seating area at Pirate Pete's.

Simple Seating

The seating area is fairly non-descript, yet functional. This section of the restaurant is divided into two portions with about half of the tables on an elevated level. There weren’t any booths, but plenty of tables and chairs, which can be combined to handle larger parties.

The Pirate Pete is the standard burger and comes with french fries or tator tots.

Here’s the Beef!

After ordering at the counter, we grabbed a table to await our meals. Everything is cooked at the time of ordering, so it’s hot off the grill. Crystal picked the namesake burger, The Pirate Pete, which comes with the standard toppings. Toss on some American cheese and bacon to add that extra punch of flavor to the Black Angus beef patty. She chose the fries for her side and discovered they are plentiful. On a side note, Crystal had no chance of finishing all of this food in one sitting.

The Blackbeard with a side of onion rings.

One of my favorite burgers involves mushrooms and Swiss cheese. At Pirate Pete’s I was able to find one of these on the menu, disguised as The Blackbeard. This massive burger almost required me to unhinge my jaw to take a bite. The flavors lived up to my expectations, as they melted together with each bite. While I do enjoy tator tots, I decided to upgrade to onion rings. Crystal and I have a routine where I will often pick the rings and then we will split our sides. These crispy circles of breaded delight had just the right amount of crunch and I have to admit that I ended up devouring at least my half of them.

The authors pose for a selfie at Pirate Pete's Cafe in Parkville, Missouri.

Welcome to Parkville

Our dinner visit was proof that you can’t judge a restaurant by it’s exterior. The unassuming exterior hides the scrumptious burgers found inside. We even noticed they offer a meal that’s fit for an entire family. The Kraken is offered up as a challenge to all, but be warned of the impending peril. With four pounds of beef, plenty of cheese and bacon, and a triple order of sides, you will find that your eyes were definitely bigger than your stomach. Of course, for $25.00, this may be a great way to feed a small army. Too bad that Crystal and I don’t even qualify as a squad. Do you have the right stuff to challenge The Kraken?

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