It appears that discovering Thai cuisine was something we should have done long ago. This is one of those cases where you just don’t realize what you are missing. Once the discovery has been made, you try to make up for lost time. Now that we know how delicious this particular cuisine can be, we seem to be finding a plethora of restaurants around the metro. With the current state of carryout only, we discovered Naree Kitchen Thai & Sushi in our own backyard of Kansas City, Kansas. Our newfound fervor for Thai food had us eager to taste the textures of this local eatery.

Our server delivering our order curbside at Naree kitchen in Kansas City, Kansas.

Easy Pickup

Looking back at our past few months of dining, the number of Thai inspired dishes we have devoured has grown immensely. Knowing that this is a cuisine we will want to explore more in-depth meant that we needed to find a suitable solution nearby. Low and behold, we find one at 7933 State Avenue. That makes it a quick shot from home, so the food is nice and fresh when we unpack it. We called in our order and headed out the door. Once we arrived, we called their number to let them know what we were driving. In a few minutes, the server brought out our dinner all bagged up. It was easy-peasy and we were back on our way home.

We could taste the textures of the sushi rolls from Naree kitchen.

Let The Good Tastes Roll

Once there, it was time to unpack all of the goodness. Being such a quick shot from our house means that we didn’t have to spend a long time smelling the food and wishing we could dig in. We had ordered enough to supply us with dinner, as well as lunch the following day. A heaping helping of Chicken Fried Rice would serve as the base for lunch. For now, we were concentrating on the other dishes. We are not real sushi connoisseurs, but do enjoy some of the options. (No raw fish for us!) To whet our appetites we started with one Alabama Roll, that features blue crab and avocado. We also tossed in a Tokyo Roll to sample their shrimp tempura. Both of these rolls were well constructed and we could taste the texture differences between them. Neither of the rolls lasted very long.

Chicken Satay is a delectable appetizer, especially when paired with Peanut Sauce.

Taste the Textures

With the sushi gone, it was time to turn our attention to another tasty bite. Naree Kitchen has a good selection of appetizers, including their Chicken Satay. These tender strips of chicken breast are grilled for extra flavor. The accompanying Peanut Sauce helps boost the taste even more. We have had some versions of the dipping sauce that left us lacking flavor, but not this one. The creamy, sweet addition kept us coming back for more, until we found an empty tray.

A creamy bowl of Yellow Curry makes a spicy, but delicious entree.

Creamy Curry

We were really getting into this experiment to taste the textures from Naree Kitchen. I had selected the previous dishes, so now it was time to sample one that Crystal chose. We had been introduced to curry during a visit to our first Thai restaurant in Mission, Kansas. Ever since that first taste, she has fallen head over heels for this creamy dish. Many versions are made using coconut milk as a base, which is what I believe she likes most about the dish. Once she spotted the Yellow Curry on the menu, her selection was a done deal. Loaded with chicken, potatoes, onions, and diced red bell peppers, this version brought a little more heat than she expected. Even with that addition, she had no issue gobbling it up, once she ladled it over the sticky rice included with her order.

The authors pose for a selfie as they wait for their order to be brought out curbside at Naree kitchen.

On a Thai Kick

When we first spread out our meal, there was some hesitation about the volume of food. After digging in, we soon found that the meal was far more filling than anticipated. The choice to have enough for leftovers had been a good one and I am happy to report that they were delicious. While not every cuisine can handle reheating, we have found Thai food to be rather adaptable. My lunch of leftover Chicken Fried Rice was just as delicious as the previous day and I could taste the textures from before. We have always made sure to finish off our sushi during our initial sitting, but found that most of the rest of the dishes are okay. That is, the ones that don’t get gobbled up right away.

the authors signatures.

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