While many of us are happy to see 2020 wrapping up, there were still some good things that came out of this year. Our hometown Kansas City Chiefs have been sailing to another playoff berth. Since we are still finding a lot of lockdown situations, game time has become a home event. That suits us, since the best seats are those on our couch. Of course, that doesn’t preclude us from enjoying ourselves, we have just had to learn the art of tailgating COVID style. Many of you have been with us for years, and probably remember when my old blog was mostly Kansas City restaurants. The other day I sat down to count and estimate that we have written articles on over 250 unique eateries. That’s a lot of dining out, but you know we are willing to make the sacrifice in the name of research.

We want to thank the Kansas City Marriott Downtown for supplying our tailgate meal. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

It's east to start tailgating COVID style when you find convenient places to get meal kits.

Take It To-Go

This prolific body of work has caught the eye of some of the other restaurants, who have invited us in to check them out. We appreciate these offers, but always approach them with an open mind and an honest perspective. When the Downtown KC Marriott reached out about their new tailgating special, we were happy to give it a try. After all, who in Kansas City would turn down a chance to sample more barbecue? They make the offer easy, since we just told them when we wanted to pick up our order over the phone. Then, when we arrived I called to let them know what we were driving. In a few moments someone delivered our bagged up mountain of delicacies to our vehicle. Easy peasy!

A bounty of dishes come in every tailgate kit from the Kansas city Downtown Marriott.

More Than a Meal

The most difficult part of this transaction is the ride home. In no time our vehicle filled with the aroma of the smoked meats. It was intoxicating and certainly boosted our already plentiful appetites. I may have driven a tiny bit over the posted speed limit, but once again it was in the spirit of research. Once home, we couldn’t wait to unpack our meals. While we were offered these free of charge, the actual posted price is $15.00 per meal. This seemed like a reasonable number for just about any BBQ restaurant dinner. Let’s see how we did with our choice to try tailgating COVID style. Keep in mind that every dish was included in each meal, so double what you are seeing here. Yeah, it’s a lot of food.

Photos of the dishes show just how much variety can be expected when you do your tailgating COVID style with a meal kit from the Kansas City Downtown Marriott.

Tailgating COVID Style

The attention grabber for us was the “American Royal” award-winning BBQ Beans, which include smoked burnt ends. The Creamy Cole Slaw has a nice crispness and the Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins provide just a touch of kick. While the baked beans rocked the house, we fell in love with the Fingerling Potato Salad. It has a delectable sauce. Now let’s be real, you don’t get BBQ for the sides, they are just there to compliment the meat. Don’t worry, there is plenty of smoky goodness packed into this meal kit. A large dish with Slow-Smoked Pulled Pork and Smoked Burnt Ends provides plenty of protein. They even toss in a dish of their housemade BBQ sauce, but the meat is delicious on its own. Even on our over-sized tray, we couldn’t find room for all of the food. In reality, there was enough for the two of us in one of these meal kits. Of course, we ended up having an entire meal of leftovers, which tasted just a good as the first go around.

The authors pause before diving into their tailgate meal kit.

What About Them, CHIEFS?!!!

After unpacking our meals, it was time to enjoy the best part of a Fall Sunday afternoon. Our Chiefs have been on a tear this year and we couldn’t be more pleased. Having been life-long Kansas Citians, we have suffered through many years of playoff drought. Even the Marty years left us wanting a “big win”. Last year brought what we hope to be the beginning of a new dynasty. If we are going to be stuck tailgating COVID style, we at least want to watch an exciting game that ends in a Chiefs victory. While the menu at the Downtown KC Marriott is always evolving, we know that we can certainly find some great choices for carry-out. We will keep scoping out potential meal kits that will help us cheer on our home team in a delicious fashion.

the authors signatures.

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