12 Great Wichita Dining Options

Are you tired of settling for a chain restaurant along the interstate during your vacation? One of the most difficult choices that travelers make is where to dine. We found dining options in Wichita to be numerous, and wonderful. Join us as we recap some of our top Wichita dining choices, as well as a few specialty treats. The food and atmosphere are better when you “Visit Like A Local”. […]

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4 Days Of Action Filled Wichita Attractions

We know that the picture doesn’t necessarily exemplify non-stop action, but it was one of my favorite captures. There is a good chance that the gorilla is wondering just how much fun he would have checking out some Wichita attractions. Now we didn’t have time to do everything available in Wichita, but we certainly tried to get a good taste of the flavor and vibe of the largest city in Kansas. […]

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American Indians – The True Native People

The Mid-America All-Indian Center, in Wichita, is the only facility solely dedicated to the culture of the American Indians, located in the state of Kansas. Situated on the point of land that overlooks the Arkansas River, a visit to this unique museum was a chance to explore the cultural history of the people who first inhabited the lands of North America. […]

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Pleasant Company At Delano Barbeque Company

Being natives of Kansas City, we believe we know a little about barbeque. The opportunity to add Delano Barbeque Company to our itinerary meant a chance to sample one of our favorite cuisines. This restaurant has only been around for a little over a decade, but it has certainly established itself as a Wichita staple in that short time. […]

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Learning From The Past At The Sedgwick Historical Museum

One of our first stops in Wichita, was the Sedgwick Historical Museum. We know that a good way to get a quick understanding of a city you are visiting, is by making a trip to the local historical museum. Our arrival was on a bad weather day, so it made for a perfect indoor treat.   […]

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Massive Meal at Jimmie’s Diner

Our last morning in Wichita brought us to Jimmie’s Diner for breakfast. The owners of the restaurant happened to be there that morning, and we had the pleasure of visiting with them for a while. They made us feel like a couple of the locals, and filled us in on the interesting history of this unique restaurant chain. […]

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Chocolate Goodness At Cocoa Dolce

Visits to places like Cocoa Dolce can be very hard on us. Being travel bloggers means that we spend lots of time testing a wide variety of foods. When it comes to sweets, we try to locate the really good ones, so a small portion will suffice. Of course, If it’s really good chocolate who can stop at just a small portion? […]

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