16 Reasons To Visit Springfield, Missouri

For too long travelers have looked at Springfield, Missouri as the last rest stop before Branson. We decided to schedule a trip to showcase some of the “hidden gems” in this Oasis. The plan was to fill a three day weekend with as many places as possible, without total exhaustion. Come along as we highlight some of wonders we found in the “Gateway to the Ozarks”. […]

Discovering an Oasis in Springfield, Missouri

Making a lodging selection is usually one of the hardest parts of planning a trip. For Springfield, we quickly determined that the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center would be our first choice. Its location along the original Route 66 was certainly a key point. Their location also offered convenient access to the main arteries for travel throughout the city. It also has an interesting history, which makes it a fun home base for our daily explorations. […]

Show Your Creative Side

Creative Escape Glass has developed a unique niche in Springfield, Missouri. Over the past few years there has been a resurgence of places offering visitors a chance to create their own art. Most of these have involved painting of some sort. It seems to have started with shops that allowed customers to paint ceramics. Lately, there has been an increase in the number of places that have paint parties, which involve wine and canvas. […]

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How 12 Women Changed Tourism in Springfield, Missouri

Fantastic Caverns is one of fifteen caves that visitors can tour in Missouri. This number is small in comparison to the approximately 6500 known caves in the state. Because of it’s immense size, Fantastic Caverns has the unique distinction to offer guests a ride-thru experience. The cave is located just north of Springfield, Missouri at the end of a scenic side road. […]

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Can You Handle Black Sheep Burger?

Black Sheep Burger is a prime example of why Springfield, Missouri is a food lovers destination. This city has an amazingly wide variety of dining options. We were told that many restaurateurs will use this city as a testing market for new ideas. That means diners have first shot at some of the best foods around. […]

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Bean to Bar at Askinosie Chocolate

The story behind Askinosie Chocolate, in Springfield, Missouri, is as complex as the flavors of the products. The small batch bean-to-bar chocolate factory has raised an eyebrow of the chocolate making industry. Owner Shawn Askinosie has brought an interesting twist to his relationship with customers and suppliers.  […]

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Played Any Cheesy Mini-golf Courses Lately?

Fun Acre is one of the old time miniature golf courses that were so popular in the 60’s and 70’s. The kind that featured lots of hand crafted statues dotting the various holes of play. Most have been removed, and only remain in pictures and memories. Every once in a while you happen across one, and it can be extra special. […]

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Get Up Close At Dickerson Park Zoo

The Dickerson Park Zoo, in Springfield, Missouri, faces the same struggles that many zoological parks are facing these days. With the number and variety of competing attractions increasing, the travelers options become larger. Zoos, as well as many museums, face stiff competition for tourism dollars. This doesn’t mean that smaller market zoos don’t still have the desire to make groundbreaking improvements. They simply have to temper their desire with reality, and get the best bang for their buck. […]

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Peruvian Delights at Cafe Cusco

Cafe Cusco is not what we would normally pick for dinner. When I was researching options that are local hot spots, this one kept popping up on my radar. I finally decided that it was time for us to taste what the Peruvian cuisine has to offer. The restaurant is located on Commercial Street in Springfield, Missouri. This historic northern section of the city was once the leading region, because of the nearby railroad. As time passed, the railroad became less concentrated in the city, and the interest in this area waned. […]

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