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Funky Vibes at Fric & Frac

Have you ever walked into an establishment, and immediately knew it was a neighborhood hangout? Fric & Frac, at 1700 W. 39th Street, exudes this feeling from the moment you enter. Locals chat casually from table-to-table. Servers call out the names of customers entering the restaurant. Even the menu is filled with background stories behind the naming of key dishes. This local eatery certainly gives off a youthful, hipster vibe, but the clientele seems to cover most all ages. […]

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Smoky Goodness at El Pollo Rey

The Armourdale section of Kansas City, Kansas is filled with small businesses and hard working families. Restaurants in the area, like El Pollo Rey, may cater to the local residents, but their creations draw customers from all around the metro. Many of the buildings, that house these restaurants, have been home to a variety of businesses in the past. An example of this, is the building at 901 Kansas Avenue. During its time as a Dairy Queen, we would frequent it on Wednesday evenings, after church services. Of course, this was during my younger years. Since those days, we have not frequented any [...]

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Get it and Go at Go Chicken Go

One of my early jobs was as a gas station attendant on 7th Street, just north of Central Avenue, near downtown KCK. Right across the street from the station was a Go Chicken Go restaurant. This wasn't a very glamorous job, as it was in the period where they were just beginning to move the operations to pay-before-you-pump. I spent the bulk of my time sitting in a booth, behind a glass front, taking money and turning on the pumps. The steady stream of customers required me to keep a watchful gaze out front. This meant that most of the time I was [...]

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