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Getting Unforked

Not too long ago, Sheridan’s (You know the custard people) launched Unforked. You may notice we rarely feature any restaurants that belong to a chain. Oh sometimes we may include one, if it stands out in some particular way. After quite a few people starting suggesting we visit Unforked, we finally decided it was time to test the waters. There are two locations, one at Crown Center, and the one we visited in Overland Park at 7337 W. 119th Street. […]

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Tay’s Burger Shack – Grass Fed Goodness

It's been said that the simple things are quite often the best. Such is the case at Tay's Burger Shack, located at 1019 Armour Road in North Kansas City, Missouri. You won't find page after page of menu items. Here they focus on a few things and make sure they do them right. Their burgers are filled with grass fed goodness and we couldn't wait to taste them. What about that Menu? The main focus at Tay's Burger Shack is burgers. The beef they use is grass-fed, and the patties are about a quarter-pound each, before cooking. The beef is sourced locally, as [...]

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Funky Vibes at Fric & Frac

Have you ever walked into an establishment, and immediately knew it was a neighborhood hangout? Fric & Frac, at 1700 W. 39th Street, exudes this feeling from the moment you enter. Locals chat casually from table-to-table. Servers call out the names of customers entering the restaurant. Even the menu is filled with background stories behind the naming of key dishes. This local eatery certainly gives off a youthful, hipster vibe, but the clientele seems to cover most all ages. […]

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A Combined Effort at Homesteader Cafe

One of the best things about maintaining your own travel blog is being able to select the places you write about. We find that some of our best articles are those that revolve around a great back story. This is why we love doing restaurant articles. There are so many great life stories out there just waiting to be told. A prime example would be Homesteader Cafe located at 100 E. 7th Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. […]

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Long Standing Tradition at Dagwood’s Cafe

The Rosedale section of KCK is filled with small to medium sized businesses, in and around the “Boulevard”. This area was founded early in the city’s life, and has had it’s ups and downs over the years. Flooding has always been a fear of the residents and business owners in this low lying land. While these trials have tested, and broken many companies, some have remained steadfast through the years. One of these is Dagwood’s Cafe at 1117 Southwest Blvd. Upon entering, you find diners lining the counter or spread out at the tables. People on their way to work mingle with families [...]

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Making Waves at Mason Jar Brews & Burgers

A lot of buzz around Kansas City, Kansas of late has been focused on Mason Jar Brews & Burgers, a newer restaurant located at 941 North 74th Drive. Located about 1/2 block south of State Avenue on 74th Drive, the restaurant is in what used to be an old water-slide park, which some of you may remember from years ago. The building has also served as a local watering hole, but now Mason Jar has taken the reins. This is quickly becoming one of our go-to spots when we don't want to drive too far for a meal. The inside of the restaurant [...]

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Turner Tradition at Christy’s Tasty Queen

We all know of a roadside diner that serves up a specialty, which is an experience all on its own. Some places are known for their chili or sliders, while others focus on a specific side dish. It seems like most places find at least one menu item that becomes synonymous with their name. The same can be said for Christy's Tasty Queen, located at 1405 S 55th Street in Turner, Kansas.  This diminutive stop beckons diners with freshly fried menu items and cold sugary treats. It is also home to a tenderloin sandwich that has a following of its own and made [...]

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Cross the Tracks to Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant

On my drive home, I was stopped by a train. As I watched the cars roll by, I thought of all of the businesses that have sprouted up, because of the railroads. As my mind wandered, I remembered an article I wrote about Fritz's Railroad Restaurant on my old restaurant blog. This place holds some special memories for me, since I used to visit this restaurant with my father, when he was alive. While we weren't required to cross the tracks to get there, the train connection will always remain. Life Lessons There are many cases in life that the original stands out [...]

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