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Eclectic Charm At You Say Tomato

Our visit to You Say Tomato was proof that you should never judge a restaurant by its exterior. We were looking for a breakfast spot close to Crown Center, and being situated at 2801 Holmes made it quite convenient. This place was suggested by some readers, and we have found these tips to be quite useful. I had looked at the menu, found some interesting dishes, and made the decision to give them a shot. Little did we know what pleasant surprises were awaiting our discovery. […]

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Pancake’s Fancy Brother – Chez Elle Crepes

Spending the winter months hunkered down in Kansas City may not be the most tropical of destinations. It does offer us a chance to build up a backlog of topics for articles about our hometown. Fortunately, if we run out of ideas, we can simply ask our readers, and get a ton of great suggestions. A day planned for visiting the World War 1 Museum needed a great breakfast jump start, and you all really went above and beyond with the list. Many were stored away for future outings, and the final decision was made to visit Chez Elle, at 1713 Summit Street. [...]

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Blue Bird Bistro Offers Local Flavors

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When we are preparing for a day of exploring, we like to start with a solid meal, that must include coffee. While we enjoy a good eggs and meat meal as much as anyone, we also like to test out new dishes when possible. Our visit to Blue Bird Bistro, at 1700 Summit Street in Kansas City, Missouri offered us a chance to do just that. Local Flavors at Blue Bird Bistro The Blue Bird Bistro is located on a ridge that runs between the West Bottoms and the Crossroads districts. [...]

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A Combined Effort at Homesteader Cafe

One of the best things about maintaining your own travel blog is being able to select the places you write about. We find that some of our best articles are those that revolve around a great back story. This is why we love doing restaurant articles. There are so many great life stories out there just waiting to be told. A prime example would be Homesteader Cafe located at 100 E. 7th Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. […]

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Eggtc. – Decent Dining

On some weekend mornings we enjoy having a late breakfast out. We are always on the lookout for new places, but find ourselves habitually drawn to our standards. When we stumbled upon Eggtc., we were pleasantly surprised. The restaurant is located just a few blocks south of the Plaza, at 5107 Main Street in KCMO. They offer up a diverse menu with surprisingly affordable prices. […]

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Long Standing Tradition at Dagwood’s Cafe

The Rosedale section of KCK is filled with small to medium sized businesses, in and around the “Boulevard”. This area was founded early in the city’s life, and has had it’s ups and downs over the years. Flooding has always been a fear of the residents and business owners in this low lying land. While these trials have tested, and broken many companies, some have remained steadfast through the years. One of these is Dagwood’s Cafe at 1117 Southwest Blvd. Upon entering, you find diners lining the counter or spread out at the tables. People on their way to work mingle with families [...]

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