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Life in the Trenches – National World War 1 Museum

The National World War 1 Museum and Memorial is not a memorial to the war. This national treasure is a reminder of the human spirit and the never-ending fight for peace. Life in the trenches was filled with short periods of sheer terror followed by long spans of boredom. Stretching across the horizon, these muddy, rat-infested trenches offered defense from shrapnel and snipers. When Union General Sherman noted that "War is Hell", he probably hadn't imagined it on a global scale. A visit to this top 25 U.S. museum serves as a reminder to all of the fight to preserve peace, liberty, and [...]

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The Rise Of The Monarchs

Kansas City is a sports city. While we may not always bring home the trophy, our city still supports the players who give their all on the field. In fact, Kansas City was home to the longest-running franchise in Negro Leagues Baseball. The Monarchs began this streak in 1920 and continued until 1965. These days an independent professional baseball team, on the Kansas side of the city, honors the Monarchs name. Looking to learn more about the rise of the Monarchs, we made our way to the 18th & Vine District. A tour of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum was sure to add [...]

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Past To Future At Museum at Prairiefire

We consider ourselves blessed to reside in a city with so many diverse attractions. Museums are one of our favorite destinations, and the Museum at Prairiefire fits its own specific niche in this category. We arranged a visit and tour on what ended up being a frigid and windy Kansas City winter day. The museum is located inside of the Prairiefire neighborhood at 5801 W. 135th Street in Overland Park, Kansas. The building is the first in North America to utilize dichroic glass on the exterior. It is designed to absorb the light on the outside as one color, but it becomes a [...]

Digging The Flint Hills Discovery Center

We have visited Manhattan, Kansas many times in the past, but our trips were always concentrated on the local university. Once that association ended, we never seemed to find the time to return. On a warmer than normal winter day, we made the just under two hour drive from Kansas City to the "Gateway City to the Flint Hills." Upon arriving in town, one of the first sights was the Flint Hills Discovery Center, which happened to be our first stop. This beautifully designed building was the first change we noted since our last visit. We want to thank Flint Hills Discovery Center and Visit [...]

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Who’s Viewing Who? A Visit To Sea Life Kansas City

It is nice to know that Kansas City has a lot of attraction options that can be enjoyed during any weather. On a cold winter day we made a visit to Sea Life at Crown Center. This marine adventure zone offers visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of oceans, rivers, and lakes. What we found was much larger than we expected, and included lots of interesting exhibits. Let's take a closer look. We want to thank Sea Life Kansas City for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Entertaining Education One of the key drivers at Sea Life [...]

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15 Reasons to Visit Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a city of many stories. From the forced move of the five civilized tribes to the oil booms of the early 1900's, many events helped shape the past of this Midwestern city. What began as a frontier town, blossomed into a boomtown complete with art deco skyscrapers. Our itinerary was designed to allow us to sample some of the top attractions, as well as a good sampling of the local flavors. We want to thank the Visit Tulsa, as well as the many businesses that opened their doors and hearts for us. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. A [...]

Life Lessons at Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Staying at our home base during the holiday season offers us a chance to visit some of the great attractions found throughout Kansas City. A recent visit to the 18th & Vine area gave us an opportunity to meet with Bob Kendrick, the president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. On a chilly Saturday morning, we met with him at the museum to hear more about this often neglected piece of American sports history. We want to thank the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum for its hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum was founded in 1990 [...]

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Dining In Style On The Eureka Springs Train

A visit to Eureka Springs, Arkansas offers a chance to slow down from the hectic pace of everyday life. This quaint town in the Ozark Mountains is more geared toward leisurely pleasures, and we certainly were looking for some to sample. The Eureka Springs Train hosts a lunch ride that looked perfect for a romantic lunch date. We haven't spent much time on trains, so the idea of dining onboard was quite intriguing. The Train Yard We pre-scheduled our visit, which includes picking the date, and meal choices for everyone in the party. We arrived about a half hour prior to our departure, [...]

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Kicking It in KCK

We are honored to have so many of you follow us on our journeys, and enjoy all of the interaction we have with people. While traveling can be exhilarating, we try to have just as much fun when we are at home in Kansas City. There are so many options to enjoy in our city, which makes new date options limitless . It is easy to develop a plan that will fill an entire day, and we try to do this quite often. Here is a day of exploring we did on the KCK side of the metro. It's Okay To Wine A [...]

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Why We Fell In Love With Mud Street Annex

Have you ever been to a restaurant so well designed that you immediately fall in love with it? The kind of place you want to explore in depth. That is exactly what we found at Mud Street Annex in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This newly opened offshoot of the original Mud Street Cafe has tons of charm and style. We want to thank Mud Street Annex for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Historic Beginnings Our plan had us scheduled to visit the original restaurant, which is housed in the lower level of an building from 1888. The name comes from the [...]

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