Eureka Springs

Couples Time In Eureka Springs, Arkansas

We have visited Eureka Springs, Arkansas many times over the years, and each trip we have had an enjoyable time. This laid-back community is nestled in the Ozark Mountains, which offers an interesting terrain to explore. This was our first time to see the town through the eyes of travel bloggers. What we found was still a relaxed and romantic setting, which is perfect for a quick couples getaway. Rolling into Town Our visit to Eureka Springs occurred in September, and coincided with our wedding anniversary. The weather was perfect for a visit to this city of artists. We had left Kansas [...]

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Side Splitting Fun At Ozark Mountain Hoedown

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is well known for its romantic shop lined streets, and Victorian charm. What it has always seemed to be less known for is its evening entertainment options. Many visitors will travel to Branson for a nighttime show, but fortunately the return of the Ozark Mountain Hoedown has made that unnecessary. We made plans to stop in for an evening show, and wondered what we would encounter. […]

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Hidden History At Blue Spring Heritage Center

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is the kind of destination where visitors have a chance to slow their pace, and just relax. Even us travel bloggers find an opportunity to just go with the flow. This meant that when we heard about the Blue Spring Heritage Center on the western edge of the city limits, we had time in our schedule to check it out. […]

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Best Pizza in the Galaxy at Cafe Amore

When we surveyed our readers about restaurant choices in Eureka Springs, we were hoping that at least one would involve pizza. Cafe Amoré  is located on the ridge south of the downtown area, and was nearby to our treetop lodging. (You can read about the Treehouse Cottages here>) We determined that it would make a great dinner choice, and set the wheels in motion for a visit. […]

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Victorian Elegance At Grand Central Hotel

Our visit to Eureka Springs began with a stay in the treetops, but we saved our last night for a different experience. The opportunity to stay at the Grand Central Hotel was not to be passed up. Located in the downtown Historic District, it offered a chance to be within walking distance of tons of shops and restaurants. The hotel is the oldest in Eureka Springs, and is bathed in Victorian charm. […]

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Nibbles Eatery Delivers Big Flavor In A Small Space

Our survey of readers had brought to light a small breakfast spot in the heart of downtown Eureka Springs. We had walked past Nibbles Eatery during our shopping excursion, and decided it would make a great stop for our last morning in town. Had we known what we were about to experience, we would have eaten here every morning. This is one of those books that you cannot judge by the cover. […]

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Dining In Style On The Eureka Springs Train

A visit to Eureka Springs, Arkansas offers a chance to slow down from the hectic pace of everyday life. This quaint town in the Ozark Mountains is more geared toward leisurely pleasures, and we certainly were looking for some to sample. The Eureka Springs Train hosts a lunch ride that looked perfect for a romantic lunch date. We haven’t spent much time on trains, so the idea of dining onboard was quite intriguing. […]

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Break Time At Aquarius Taqueria

Spending a day exploring can create a powerful hunger. Sometimes we find ourselves needing a small bite to tide us over until our next full meal. Such was the case during a busy day in Eureka Springs. Fortunately, we were downtown where there is a plethora of unique restaurants to choose from. Aquarius Taqueria was originally on our dining list, but had been replaced by a last-minute suggestion from our readers. The removal of Mexican cuisine had left us wanting, so an in-between meal snack offered us an opportunity to satisfy our craving. […]

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Testing The Local Flavor Cafe

Our arrival in Eureka Springs, Arkansas was not met with grand fanfare. Actually, we just slid in down Main Street, and located a parking spot near downtown. After a drive filled with exploration, the first thing on our minds was lunch. We had polled our readers for restaurant ideas prior to our departure, and Local Flavor Cafe came up numerous times. It was clearly popular with most of you, so we knew it should be a good visit. […]

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Canopy Dwelling At Treehouse Cottages

When we decided to visit Eureka Springs, Arkansas there was a specific type of lodging that we have always wanted to experience. We have stayed in some of the local cabins in the past, but the chance to hang out in the treetops seemed like an extra special treat. When Treehouse Cottages offered to host our stay, we knew we would be in for a great time. With seven lofty lodgings, and one firmly planted on the ground, Terry and Patsy Miller have developed quite a collection of unique cabins. The list of amenities included with each hinted to a luxurious [...]

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