Sweet treats are always a welcome addition to our weekend excursions. In Prairiefire we found Decadent, a coffee and dessert bar located at 5661 West 135th Street. The name suggests an opulent selection of rich treats, so we were anxious to see what they had in store. The cold winter day begged for the addition of some extra calories just to make up for our shivering. We dashed across the street, and into the shop.

Decadent Desserts serves up daily made sweet treats in a variety of styles.

Sweet Success

Having just finished a very filling meal at Coco Bolos, we still wanted to check out the products at Decadent. (You can read about Coco Bolos here.) Their website touts that their desserts are made fresh daily from scratch. It also mentions a variety of breakfast dishes that they serve up daily from 7:00 to 11:00. The waffle items look especially tempting, as they come with some interesting toppings. Of course, our visit was focused on desserts, which they make using only the finest ingredients. As we stepped through the doorway, we were engulfed in an aroma of coffee, chocolate, and sugar. To say it was a heady mixture is an understatement.

Cookies and brownies come in a variety of flavors.

A Mixed Bag

The front of the shop is a mix of various seating options. Plenty of tables and chairs are available for dining on your purchases. There are also a few cushy choices for relaxing while savoring a cup of hot coffee or a flavored latte. While waiting for a customer ahead of us, we began the task of narrowing down our decision. Jars filled with cookies and moon pies sit on the counter. Behind a glass front are skillet desserts just waiting for a heaping scoop of ice cream. Everything looked so delicious that we realized our decision would be harder than first imagined. The staff finished up and turned their attention to us. We explained that there was so much to take in and would need some more time to make our choices. They were clearly used to this happening and let us know they would be ready to assist once our picks were decided.

Expertly decorated cupcakes make for pretty displays.

Stacks of Sweets

As I worked my way down the counter, I came upon a couple of cupcake holders. I will admit to a particular weakness for these miniature versions of sweet bliss. We have visited many small cakes shops, and always seem to find at least a few varieties to sample. At Decadent, they all looked so pretty with the colorful frostings. I was convinced that this would be the area from which we selected, at least until I saw some of the other options. In the end we decided upon three unique desserts to take home with us. We were still stuffed from lunch, so the staff was happy to box up our purchase. What was really amazing was just how affordable their desserts are compared to many places we have visited.

Three dessert options purchased by the authors.

Sugary Heaven

This picture needs a bit of explaining. Before taking it, I had split the desserts, so that we could each savor them. Keep in mind that each item would be twice the size that you are seeing in the picture. The heart-shaped Red Velvet Moon Pie was my favorite. For years I have been searching for a red velvet flavor that matches the one I remember from my childhood. Too often it has been to no avail, but at Decadent they hit it right on the head. Combined with the cream cheese frosting filling, this sweet treat didn’t stand a chance of surviving for long. The Coconut Blondie was a flaky blend of coconut, chocolate and graham cracker. The Turtle Brownie was made with a dense chocolate brownie coated with caramel and pecans. This ended up being Crystal’s favorite of the bunch, and certainly fit the category of Decadent. We finished our desserts and washed them down with some cold milk. By the time we were done, we could almost feel the sugar coursing through our bodies. yeah, we love that rush. Have you ever sampled the sweet treats at Decadent?

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