Our main travel season runs from late Spring through early Fall. This leaves us four or five months to visit places closer to our hometown. Kansas City is filled with so many great options for entertainment and dining. Lately, we have found ourselves on a bit of a brunch cycle, but this is allowing us to experience Sunday Funday over and over. Recently, we dropped by Pig & Finch Gastropub to sample their brunch menu.

The dining area of Pig & Finch offers a relaxed, yet upscale atmosphere to enjoy a Sunday Funday.

Early Arrival

We planned our visit to be as early as possible. With a busy day ahead of us, and a Chiefs game on the horizon, we needed to keep moving. Pig & Finch is located at 11570 Ash Street, in Leawood. We were familiar with the area from a visit we made for an event at the nearby Park Place. Nearby there are a variety of boutique style shops, which we love to explore. We seem to be finding these type of shopping centers more often. (You can read about the Changing Landscape of Shopping here.)

Getting an early start on Sunday Funday meant that we had the Pig & Finch almost all to ourselves.

Interesting Interior

Since our timing was so early, it was almost like having the restaurant all to ourselves. Of course, this didn’t last long, as soon we were joined by more Sunday Funday lovers, enjoying a day without rain in Kansas City. The restaurant has an upscale atmosphere, with a mix of tables and booths for seating. Plenty of whimsical artwork helps relax the mood. It’s the kind of place you are comfortable in business dress or just a comfortable pair of jeans. The staff pointed out that the restaurant’s chef was recently named one of the top in Kansas City. We will need to check Pig & Finch out for dinner, as well. That should give us a broader feel for their spectrum of dishes.

Buttermilk Pancakes are taken to a new level with a berry compote.

A Different Fruit-Cake

With a shopping event next on our list, we decided to ask our daughter to join in. She has become more comfortable with me taking photos of her plates. It is even to the point that she will choose a dish that allows additional variety for our article. For this meal, she chose the Buttermilk Pancakes, which come with a berry compote. A side order of bacon added some crunch, and her Mimosa made it look like brunch.

A veggie Benedict brings plenty of flavor choices with a blend of ingredients.

Getting Her Veggies

Crystal surprised me when she ordered the Veggie Eggs Benedict. She will usually lean toward a sweeter brunch dish, and almost always on Sunday Funday. On this particular morning, she was planning on picking up a treat from Queen of Tarts KC. It is a local food truck vendor that we met at a previous event. Her dish was such a colorful feast for the eyes. A fresh English muffin is stacked with layers of asparagus, tomato, cream cheese, and poached egg. Coated with a delicate house-made Hollandaise sauce, it was packed with flavor. A side of diced potatoes completes the dish.

The Pig & Egg Burger is a perfect blend of breakfast and lunch, and makes a great meal choice on Sunday Funday.

Breakfast Meets Lunch

For me, the perfect brunch combines breakfast and lunch into one seamless dish. After reviewing the menu, the Pig & Egg Burger jumped out at me. The base of this protein rich dish is an 8 ounce burger made from a mix of ground chuck and brisket. I know from experience, that this mix packs a punch of beefy flavor and helps keep the burger moist, even when cooked to medium-well. They top this with white cheddar cheese, thick cut bacon, tomato, and a fried egg. Nestle all of that inside a seeded brioche bun and you get a brunch masterpiece that screams “Sunday Funday”. A bucket of french fries added an extra touch to my meal.

The authors pose for a selfie on a Sunday Funday in Kansas City.

Sunday Funday

We are really getting our brunch groove in gear, and just in time for the changing seasons. With autumn temperatures coming to town, it’s definitely time to start thinking about comfort foods. We are betting that Sunday Funday will become a regular feature for us, at least during our cooler weather months. That will be just fine, since it should give us a chance to uncover some unique eateries, and share them with all of you. If you know of some really cool brunch locations, in the Kansas City region, be sure to tell us a little about them in the comments section below. We’d love to check them out, and maybe feature them in an article. It’s an opportunity to get one of your favorites a little extra love.

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