The current reality has certainly added a few interesting twists to our dinner routine. Transitioning to carryout meals has forced us to think about the driving distance after we get our meal. Fortunately, we have a ton of options in close proximity, so our meals stay closer to serving temperature. Even the ones that are farther out can still be considered if we use good preparation. One that we have not frequented, in the past, is Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. We dropped by their Kansas City, Kansas location to see how they are spicing up carryout.

The staff at Gus's Fried Chicken are spicing up carryout with curb service that includes their delicious fried chicken.

Call In & Carry Out

Our weekly schedule includes a trip to the grocery store, as we have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables on our shopping list. Near the store is a grouping of eateries that open up some more choices. Gus’s Fried Chicken is found at 2816 W. 47th Street, which puts it right along the county line. Nearby, we can find restaurants serving up tacos, pizza, breakfast, and barbecue. The addition of a fried chicken joint was a good choice. Grabbing a meal at Gus’s is actually very easy. They offer an online menu from which you select your choices. (You can get a paper copy at the store.) We called in our order and they asked us what kind and color our car would be. About 15 minutes after placing our order, one of the staff brought it out to our car. That is it! So simple.

Gus's Fried Chicken is spicing up carryout with some southern style meal options.

Southern Style Dinner

Now that we had our meals in hand, we hightailed it home to devour our dinner. Once there, we unpackaged everything for photos. (This is a routine we are both used to anymore.) With everything laid out, I was able to see how Gus’s is spicing up carryout. Crystal’s order was a Four Tender Dinner. This includes two sides, which hers were Baked Beans and Cole Slaw. As she sunk her teeth into the first piece, she realized they season with some southern spice. It adds a nice kick to the flavor, but not to a level that makes it unpleasant. Since it was the weekend, we decided to add a little dessert to our order, as well. I knew that Crystal would not pass up the opportunity to sample their Pecan Pie since it is one of her favorites.

A three piece dinner and Coconut pie make for a delicious southern style meal.

3 Piece Meal

I was raised on fried chicken, which was a regular meal from both my mom and my grandmother. The addition of the spices was something that was not normal. Most of the time the batter has been more of the standard variety found at places like Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts. My Three Piece Dark Meat Dinner included a leg and two thighs. Once I bit through the crispy skin I found juicy meat inside. It was a great combination and paired well with the creamy Mac & Cheese. I included French Fries as my second side. Since Crystal had ordered pie, it was only fair for me to do so, as well. My choice was Coconut Pie which had a delectable crispy crust and a sweet filling with loads of coconut. We were both loving our meals and ended up sharing our side dishes, but not our pie.

The authors had forgotten about Gus's Fried Chicken when looking for some new dining options in Kansas City, Kansas.

Spicing Up Carryout

By the time we completed our meals, we were both stuffed. In fact, I even had one thigh left for lunch the next day. Now that we have reminded ourselves that we like this place, we will certainly be back for more. Sometimes it takes a major change in lifestyle to open up opportunities to discover those hidden gems that are right under your nose. This was a good example, as we found out how Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken is spicing up carryout. It makes us wonder what other treats are out there just waiting to be sampled. What unexpected experience have you had since everything moved to carryout only?

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