In Kansas City, it seems like just about every weekend brings a different festival. In downtown Overland Park, every 3rd Friday brings a new Local Life get together. (You can read more about Local Life here.) During one of these evenings, we dropped in Papa Kenos’ Pizzeria for a slice of pizza pie. Sitting at the corner of West 79th Street and Santa Fe Drive, this local chain offers whole pies, as well as sizable slices.

Ordering is fairly simple at Papa Keno's Pizzeria in downtown Overland Park.

Easy-Peasy Ordering

Papa Keno’s has a varied menu that includes sandwiches and salads, but we were there for their pizza. We had visited their Crossroads location on a First Friday, so we had high expectations. (You can read about First Friday here.) It had been a while, but we remembered them in a positive way. Orders are placed at the counter and then you grab a seat while you wait for your meal to be prepared.

Pops of color are provided by local artwork on the walls of Papa Keno's.

Papa Keno’s Offers Sizable Slices

This pizzeria is part of the family of shops that have been serving up pies in the Kansas City area since 1991. They take their business seriously and strive to use locally sourced ingredients, as much as possible. Adding these toppings to their fresh made dough, creates a taste larger than life. Their sizable slices definitely are larger than life.

A sizable slice of Carnivore specialty pizza is packed with protein.

One Slice Meal

A slice of Papa Keno’s pizza can be one you build your own way, but I prefer to choose from one of their specialty pies. Perhaps you’ll want a slice of “Brutus”, which features a salty base of olives and feta cheese. Italian lovers may lean toward the “Vinnie” with four meats and some Provolone cheese. My choice was in a meat eaters vein, so I ordered a slice of the “Carnivore”. Loaded with Canadian bacon, pepperoni, sausage, and beef, it packs tons of protein in each bite. It’s also chocked full of deliciousness.

Crystal poses with a couple sizable slices of Papa Keno's pizza.

The Other End of the Spectrum

While I love to sample the predesigned specialty pies, Crystal is truly a creature of habit. If we are splitting a pie at a pizza joint, we will usually have to compromise on ingredient choices. At a place like Papa Keno’s, she can fall back on her go-to choice. This is probably best, considering the sizable slices they serve. Her order was fairly uncomplicated, as it involved pepperoni and cheese. That’s it, just the two toppings. Perhaps she was leaving room for some pie from the Upper Crust down the street. Whatever her reason, she was pleased with her decision. Do you prefer specialty pies or designing your own topping combination?

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