Some people say we can be slow to adapt to new tastes. The truth is that Kansas City is home to hundreds of restaurants, and there are just two of us. That means we sometimes have to prioritize our visits, which can lead to extended lead times. In a city known for one particular cuisine, we know that it can be best to see how new venues fare over a few years. When Q39 hit the market in 2014, we waited to see if they would be shaking up the KC BBQ scene. Now that they have a few years of customer service under their belt, we decided it was time for a visit. Curbside delivery makes ordering dinner at Q39 as easy as can be.

Grab It To-Go

While the lockdown has begun to ease, many restaurants are finding curbside service is still being favored. This will surely change with time, but for now, it is apparent all around town. Fortunately, barbecue is the perfect to-go food. After all, it usually consists of the same types of dishes that can be found at picnics and outdoor gatherings. We chose a Friday evening for our visit and found a steady stream of vehicles filled with like-minded customers. After calling in our order, we arrived to find the checkout process very simple. In fact, our server was quite accommodating and even posed for a quick photo.

The delicious spread is an example of how Q39 is Shaking Up The KC BBQ Scene.

It’s All About Presentation

Now even though barbecue is a great choice for carry-out, we still had to deal with the delicious aroma wafting from our bag on the ride home. Fortunately, traffic is lighter these days, so the ride wasn’t too long. Once back at the homestead it was time to unbox our delicacies. As each container was opened, it was met with satisfied approval. Once it was all laid out, we knew that there was plenty to go round and have me another good lunch of leftovers. After all, it’s hard to top a protein-packed meal of smoked meats. This is especially true when the meal came from a restaurant that is shaking up the KC BBQ scene.

The combination dinners allow guests to select two or three meats and a pair of side dishes.

Meat Lover’s Nirvana

When we test out a new barbecue joint, we always look for some sort of sampler. Sometimes we find a special on the menu that throws out a wide variety of meats, like SLAPs in KCK. Of course, not every place offers these, but we always find a way to make due. At Q39 they have a couple of combination plate choices that allowed us to order 2 or 3 types of meat for each. With five main meat choices, we just ordered a couple of these meals and got a full selection to sample. The tray above was filled with smoked chicken, pulled pork, and chipotle sausage. The smoky goodness was evident from each bite, even though the various meats carry their own taste and texture.

Each of the combination plates comes with a choice of two sides. What can be more appropriate than some creamy potato salad and a dish of delicious apple slaw? It was the perfect pairing, as the light sides added additional layers of flavor to our hearty meal. We loved that the slaw had the addition of cubes of crispy apple that added some unexpected texture to the dish.

Beef brisket and pork spare ribs pair well well baked beans an, creamy cole slaw and french fries.

Classic Combination

With three types of meat already chosen, the second combination plate brought the other two options. Thick sliced brisket and pork spare ribs rounded out our selections. All of the meat choices had a nice texture and great flavor. The ribs were well done and gave just enough resistance from the bone. The chipotle sausage had plenty of flavor without being too spicy even for Crystal. Overall we were quite pleased with the balance in all of the meats.

With two more sides to choose, we added the baked beans and fries. There were a couple of other options that were unfortunately sold out. Oh well, I guess we will just have to try them on another visit. For now, we were quite satisfied with our choices and ended up having plenty for me to take to work for lunch. As a matter of fact, I just finished that lunch, before writing this article. I can verify that the meal was just as good and reminded me that we need to plan a return trip once the dining room is open.

The authors reflect on how Q39 is Shaking Up The KC BBQ Scene.

Shaking Up the KC BBQ Scene

With all of that smoky goodness hitting our taste buds, we soon found ourselves in a barbecue coma. The menu at Q39 has some intriguing dishes, which will certainly draw us back for more sampling. The idea of testing out their Smoked Beef Brisket Poutine certainly piqued my interest. We wonder how a KC version of this Quebec dish would compare to the one we first tasted during a recent Canada visit. It will also be necessary to sample their Burnt End Burger that combines the beefy best of two worlds. Now that we have discovered how Q39 is shaking up the KC BBQ scene, we know that they will be facing a long future of creating satisfied customers. Have you sampled the dishes at this place?

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