Barbecue can be a touchy subject in Kansas City. Just the other evening we heard a group discussing the merits and pitfalls of various restaurants around the region. Everyone has an opinion, and all have a foundation from which they formed it. We are of the opinion that there is something redeemable about just about any restaurant one finds, as long as you go in with an open mind. When we aren’t sure what to order we usually just ask a staff member what their best menu item is or at least what is the most favorite. Since we mentioned barbecue, let’s talk about Rosedale Bar BQ, a Kansas City, Kansas restaurant that has been around since July 4, 1934.

Rosedale Bar BQ started life as The Bucket Shop, where hot dogs and beer were the mainstay, since Prohibition had recently ended. The owners soon realized that smoked meats were a much better accompaniment with their ice cold beer, and started a small shop just about 100 feet from their hot dog stand. This was the start of their permanent home at 600 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Kansas. What started as a way to survive the Depression, soon became a successful venture. Today Rosedale Bar BQ offers a wide variety of menu items.

Rosedale isn’t fancy, and their digs are starting to show their age. Customers order their choices at the counter, wait for their food, and then find themselves a table. The process can be a little frustrating during busy times, but it has been this way for as long as I remember, and probably won’t change anytime in the near future. Customers have the option to purchase individual meals or even meats by the pound. The burnt ends are a popular menu choice, and when coupled with their crispy French fries, makes a filling meal. Their onion rings are a little less crisp than I desire, but still hold up well in the taste department.

I personally like to judge a BBQ joint by the quality of their ribs. Rosedale serves up tender, and moist ribs with a decent meat to fat ratio. I have actually had the rib meat fall off the bones before, which is a huge no-no to some barbecue connoisseurs, but I’m okay with it. The sauces are what many people think about when they hear Rosedale Bar BQ. The original sauce is a fairly run-of-the-mill, but still good enough to be used to dip your fries. The hot & spicy sauce has a good kick, and makes a nice complement to the meats. While many will say they either love or hate this place, we find it to be a reasonably priced barbecue option. The fact that they are celebrating 82 years in business is a testament to the consistent quality of their food, and how many other places have that longevity? What are your thoughts of their food?


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