There is something to be said for loitering. I don’t mean the type that will get you ticketed, but the leisurely activity of drawing out an experience. One of our favorite loitering opportunities comes when we go out for brunch. It just seems like the best time to spend extra moments savoring the time away from other responsibilities. Recently, we were reflecting on brunch at Urban Table, which is located at 8232 Mission Road. With plenty of freshly brewed coffee to carry us through our conversations, we soaked in those minutes that fall between breakfast and lunch.

Brunch has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past few years.

A Busy Brunch

Let’s face it. The idea of brunch has been around for years but has seen a recent increase in popularity. We have seen this same phenomenon with Happy Hours, which is another great opportunity to enjoy some leisure time. We’ve even enjoyed social sipping opportunities in places like Oklahoma City. Back on the brunch subject, with a growing number of people enjoying brunch, we have found some wait times on occasion. Fortunately, our visit to Urban Table had perfect timing, and we were seated almost immediately.

The brunch menu at Urban table has a nice collection of mid-morning dishes.

Reflecting on Brunch

Even leisurely meals still require some decisions. Our first was coffee, which was an easy choice. Perhaps they were slowly leading us up to the more complicated task of picking our dishes. To make sure they weren’t overtaxing us, they brought creamer for each cup. That’s one less decision we had to make. As we perused the menus, the next big issue would be deciding if we were leaning toward a breakfast dish or one assigned to the lunch category. Reflecting on brunch can often bring these small, yet important decisions.

Stacked waffles have all of the ingredients one would expect to find when reflecting on brunch options.

Waffle Sliders

Crystal is somewhat predictable, in that she will almost always pick a breakfast dish if she is drinking coffee. After the appropriate amount of deliberation, she landed on the Waffle Sliders. You can almost imagine the assembly of this dish since the name leads the mind to certain predetermined conclusions. Obviously, it begins with a base of waffles. It wouldn’t be breakfast without a good protein, so sausage comes next. A pair of over-easy eggs are glued to the top with melted cheddar cheese. They accompany this creation with bacon-praline syrup and a serving of their Morning Potatoes. This is an interesting twist on a standard breakfast meal.

Breakfast tacos share the best of two worlds by combining a flavor-filled taco with breakfast classics.

Breakfast Tacos

What can be better than combining our favorite handheld dish with breakfast bites? I couldn’t see anything on the menu, once my eyes had spotted the Breakfast Tacos. A combination of scrambled eggs, chorizo, and chunks of potato bring plenty of heft to this dish. Tossing on radish, white cheddar cheese, and a delectable avocado pico de Gallo brings plenty of zest to the plate. All of this flavor is nestled inside of soft corn tortillas. This dish had me reflecting on the brunch meal of breakfast tacos that I sampled at Dilly Diner in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s hard to say which was best, so perhaps I need to try them both again.

A bowl of Udon Noodles brought plenty of flavor to our table while we were reflecting on brunch options.

Udon Bowl

One of the advantages of enjoying a brunch break is the expanded menu. While Crystal and I were in a breakfast mood, our daughter Amanda was ready for lunch. Not only that, she saw a menu item that piqued her interest immediately. In the past, she has sampled many bowls of Udon noodles. This wheat-based noodle is common in Japanese cuisine and most often served in hot soups. Urban Table offers a choice of chicken or pork belly for the protein base of their dish. To this, they add cabbage, carrots, jalapenos, bean sprouts, snow peas, and shiitake mushrooms. The five-spice flavored broth really ties together all of these flavors perfectly.

Our daughter joined us for an outing to urban table in Kansas city.

Tasteful Trio

While you will usually just see Crystal and me on our outings, we do enjoy the opportunity to dine with our kids. We know that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree since our children enjoy a good brunch as much as we do. Of course, who doesn’t enjoy a meal that is designed to be enjoyed leisurely? As we were reflecting on brunch, we realized that this mid-morning meal may actually be the perfect dining occasion. How many of you enjoy a leisurely brunch?

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