These days there are tons of places vying for your entertainment dollars. When we heard that Prehistoric Putt had opened a location at 13907 Hwy 40, in Independence, we were eager to check it out. We are always on the lookout for new spots to challenge each other and what could top the combination of dinosaurs and golf? To verify it was fun for all ages, we invited our daughter and our two grandkids. Stepping through the door, we discovered that this place has taken indoor mini-golf and blown it up to a new level. It looked like we were going to be taking it to the hole with a variety of challenges.

Our first unique challenge, at Prehistoric Putt, came from having to navigate a foosball table to get to the hole.

Pick a Course

Prehistoric Putt has three courses to choose from, with one being an adults-only 9-hole version. With a couple of younger people in our group, we decided to challenge ourselves on the Red Course. Being the weekend, the place was hopping busy, but we expected that. There are times that being busy is a good thing, as it forces us to slow down and really appreciate each hole. One of the first unique challenges we faced was the Foosball hole. Each player takes a turn attempting to get their ball past a row of competitors who are trying to stop them. We found ourselves laughing at the bouncing balls, as they passed through the gauntlet of spinning defenders. By the time we finished this hole, we knew we were in for an interesting visit.

We didn't expect to be ziplining on an indoor miniature golf course.

Zip It In There!

After that challenge, we were ready for about anything they could throw at us. There was a hole that required players to play a simple version of pinball to determine where their ball would deposit on the course. Crystal showed her prowess by getting the only hole-in-one for the day. By now, we were all smiles and really getting into the variety of tests that had been assembled. When choosing our course, Crystal had seen this one included a zip line hole. How could we pass that up? Each player takes a turn zipping down the alley, as they try to toss their ball in the hole. I’m not sure whether this was more entertaining for the player or the audience. While none of us made a hole-in-one, we all enjoyed the ride.

Prehistoric Putt has added tons of interesting challenges to their three indoor courses in Independence, Missouri.

Beaming with Smiles

Continuing through the course, we found ourselves facing a variety of interesting hole designs. Whether we were hard putting through an oversized loop-de-loop or trying to balance down a beam, each required a different skill. I could see that we would only have time for one course, so I took some time to scan the other courses for a future visit. I watched as other players attempted to shoot a basketball, play cornhole, or even frisbee golf. It’s amazing the way they’ve incorporated so many outdoor activities into their courses. After a while, I realized that it was just the dinosaur sculptures and artwork that made the name Prehistoric Putt applicable. Perhaps a more appropriate name would be Impossible Putt.

Even a hole that looks simple can be challenging with the spin of the challenge wheel.

Taking it to the Hole

Not every hole required some unusual feat to complete. There were standard mini-golf holes, but even these come with a fun twist. There are spinner challenges placed at the start of the traditional holes that add another level of difficulty. Each player spins the wheel to see how a simple hole can become an immense test of skill. Often I would end up putting with my eyes closed, or with the club behind my back. There is even one that requires the golfer to choose an opponent to attempt to block their shot. Talk about taking a friendly challenge to a new level. You can bet that our grandkids enjoyed trying to stop me from succeeding. These random selections evoked tons of smiles and laughs from all of us.

Our group was all smiles after our first round at Prehistoric Putt.

Prehistoric Putt for the Win!

By the end of our round, we knew that we would be back to Prehistoric Putt in the future. There were still two courses that we wanted to sample and lots of additional challenges. We’ve had the opportunity to experience cheesy mini-golf courses all across the country, but having one so close to home is a huge plus. After returning our clubs to the front desk, we decided to reward ourselves with some ice cream. Not keeping score means that there was no argument over who won. We were all winners in this fun take on miniature golf.

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