Millions of years ago giant reptiles ruled the Earth. Fossils have been found throughout the world, and have inspired many to become dinosaur hunters or at least dream of it. Some of the best relics have been found right here in the United States. In 1993, bones were first discovered in Thermopolis, Wyoming. This discovery eventually led to the construction of the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. Movies like Jurassic Park have helped us all picture these creatures lumbering across the landscape, and museums like this help us grasp the sheer size of these prehistoric creatures.

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is unassuming from the outside but filled with amazing dinosaur memories.

Hidden Treasures

Visitors to this facility will find working dig sites, a preparation laboratory, and a world-class museum. Guests can walk among the remains of creatures from various periods, in the Walk Thru Time section. Here you can follow the historical path from primitive life forms to the rise of the dinosaurs. Perhaps sometime we will return to go on a dig. Museum admission includes entry to their large gift shop, and for an additional charge, guests can choose to join in on a real dinosaur dig for the day. This special feature does require advance registration.

It's amazing to see the variety of dinosaurs on display.

Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus

Impressive Exhibits

Various exhibits at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center showcase the creatures from each era. In one display Stan, the T-Rex charges a Triceratops. To see all of these mostly intact skeletons is amazing. One can almost envision the lively creatures going about their daily life. This place certainly challenges other dinosaur museums we have visited around the country.

Dinosaur skeletons of all shapes and sizes are on display.


Tower Time

Nearby, Jimbo, the Supersaurus towers over the room. At 106 feet long, this skeleton is one of the largest ever assembled. The sheer size of it is humbling. To think of all of the diversity during the dinosaur ages is mind-blowing. It seems like there are still many species to be unearthed by future paleontologists.

A Pterodactyl skeleton is a fascinating find.


Go On a Dig

Dozens of dioramas and displays fill the museum, and there are over 30 expertly mounted dinosaur skeletons on display. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is also home to the only Archaeopteryx fossil (a bird-like dinosaur) on display in North America. Plenty can be found here to keep even the pickiest Dino-expert satisfied. Even if you don’t have time for a proper excursion, you can feel like you have gone on a dig just by exploring the museum.