What would Kansas City be without its myriad of barbecue joints? Well, we know it would still be a great city, but we would certainly miss this food staple. After all, Kansas City barbecue is more than just another cuisine choice. Here in the heartland, we still see new versions of this ages old cooking style pop up on the landscape.  A visit to the Gladstone area showed us that barbecue is alive and well in the Northland. We found Mudhole BBQ making its mark on the barbecue scene with some unique eats.

We want to thank Mudhole BBQ for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

The exterior of Mudhole BBQ hides the deliciousness found inside.

Spreading Their Wings

Not ones to shy away from trying a new location, we made plans to sample some of their dishes on our next trip to the Northland. Our chance came just a few days later, when we found ourselves pulling up to their restaurant at 6253 North Oak Trafficway. Located in a small strip mall, the exterior shields their delectable dishes from the outside world. This is actually their second location, with the mother ship being located in Liberty, Missouri. They also have a food truck, which they use for catering events.

A clean and bright interior make for a pleasant dining environment.

Clean Lines

Back in 2011, Mudhole BBQ began making its mark in the barbecue competition circuit. By fashioning their own rubs and sauces, they were able to control the consistency of their results. This led to a 2014 First Place finish, in the pork division, at the American Royal BBQ Contest. Did we say win, well they actually had a perfect score. With this success fresh under their belts, it was time to capitalize. They launched a food truck and watched their business grow. Within three years they were opening their first brick & mortar space in Liberty.

A trio of dishes will prove to us that Mudhole BBQ is making its mark on the KC barbecue market.

Getting our ‘Cue On

Now it was time for us to sample their dishes. Like any good barbecue joint, there is plenty of menu variety. The standard cuts and sides are there for anyone to choose, but some special items were jumping out at us. Here is where we found Mudhole BBQ making its mark on the KC barbecue scene. We tried picturing what a Mudhole Philly might look like. A Mudhole Sundae suggested a combination of barbecue and ice cream. (It’s actually made with baked beans, smoked brisket, and coleslaw.)

A Three way Platter offer customers a choice of three meats from the menu at Mudhole BBQ.

Having a Three Way

After a difficult time of narrowing down our choices, we finally picked a good sampling. The Three Way Platter gave us a choice of meats, so we picked their sausage, ribs, and burnt ends. All of these had a good smoke flavor, without being too heavy. Their sauce has a slight kick, but pleasing aftertaste. The burnt ends were tender and juicy like they should be. A side order of tator tots came with a sprinkling of barbecue spice that gave them a flavor that kept calling us back.

Mudhole Rangoon is one of the unique Asian Fusion BBQ items on the menu at Mudhole BBQ.

Asian Fusion BBQ

Earlier we mentioned unusual menu items, so we chose a couple to sample. Mudhole Rangoon is one of the Asian Fusion BBQ items on the menu at Mudhole BBQ. These crunchy wonton shells are stuffed with cream cheese, that is seasoned with barbecue rub. The filling also includes some of their delicious burnt ends. The flavor was amazing and we both found them to be addicting. Of course, this wasn’t the first time we have tested a Rangoon without crab inside. Tao Tao is another Kansas City restaurant that serves up some unique flavor combinations. (You can read about Tao Tao here.)

The GameChanger is a mountain of flavors piled into one huge dish.

Over the Top

While we were enjoying our dinner selections, the manager came out and asked if we would like to sample another specialty item. The Gamechanger is a deep dish of flavors with a solid base of tator tots. These are smothered with brisket, cheesy corn, and a hearty dollop of cheese. The addition of coleslaw on the side makes this dish a full meal.

The authors pose for a selfie before devouring their meal at Mudhole BBQ.

Mudhole BBQ Makes Its Mark on Us

By the time we finished our dinner, we found that we had stuffed ourselves. The food was so good, it was hard to stop. Even after we agreed that we were full, we found ourselves slowly snacking, as we discussed the experience. We had not spent a lot of time researching restaurants in the Northland, but now we wondered how many amazing eateries are waiting out there for us to discover. With Mudhole BBQ making its mark on us, we left the restaurant with a desire to check out more of this section of the metro. Do you have an amazing Northland restaurantrant you’d like us to check out? Drop the name in the comments section below and we will start a list. Thanks!

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