Hello friend! In case you missed my introduction article, here’s a little recap. The idea of Crystal’s Corner was born during a conversation with our oldest son. He suggested that you may like reading something from me occasionally. My style is more like sitting with a friend, and chatting over a cup of coffee. I will share my thoughts, inspirations, and favorite shopping locations. Shopping is actually what brings me here today. Since Jeff is smack dab in his Lucas articles, I wanted to jump on that wagon to give you the back story…

This designer skirt was one of Crystal's biggest finds at LuLu's Boutique.

Our Introduction to LuLu’s Boutique

The early 2000’s were when we first noticed the bright pink sign of Lulu’s Boutique. At that time, it was owned by sisters Astoria and Shandi, and located in Parkville, Missouri. Around 2007, they opened their doors in Mission, Kansas, its current location. It took me a while to realize they were one and the same. I had only been in the Parkville shop a couple of times, so I didn’t make the connection right away. I never had the pleasure of meeting Shandi, but I always looked forward to seeing Astoria. She recognized that I would come in when I needed something special, and would ask what event I was shopping for. The skirt pictured above was one of those special finds, and still one of my favorites.

Connecting The Spots

Are you wondering yet what that has to do with Lucas, Ks? Well nothing, but this part does. When the sister team decided to sell, it was bought by Jennifer Bricker-Pugh, and her husband Joe. One day while shopping, Jeff and I were telling Jenny about our blog and as many do during these conversations, she told us that she came from a town we may want to visit. As she was describing it, I could see the passion she has for her hometown. One of the town’s most popular attractions is Bowl Plaza, which was once voted the 2nd best public restroom in the nation. Her dad, Dave, and other local residents donated childhood toys and other artifacts to add to the mosaics. After hearing all that, how could we not go? I’ll let Jeff continue sharing Lucas with you, while I tell you about one of its homegrown artists. (You can read his article about the Lucas here.)

There is a variety of merchandise to be found at LuLu's Boutique, in Mission, Kansas.

A Passion For Pleasing

Lulu’s is my favorite pre-loved clothing boutique, and it has such a creative vibe! Starting with the sweet hello and coffee station you get as soon as you walk through the door, to the eclectic selection of clothes and accessories. I personally don’t go in search of trendy, brand names (I just look for cute), but that’s exactly what you’ll find there. Jenny and her assistants, including her sweet daughter Evie, are always ready to help you find that perfect outfit. There was even one occasion where I contacted her through Facebook, asking for a specific item. With-in minutes, she wrote back with pictures of everything she had in my size for that request.

Jenny displays her artwork throughout the store, with much of it for sale.

But Wait, There’s More

Lulu’s is so much more than clothes and purses! Growing up in an artsy town greatly influenced Jenny. When she and Joe bought the shop, they also saw it as a studio. You may even catch her working on one of her beautiful pieces, when you visit. She also carries unique and fun gift ideas, along with creations made by local artisans.

Crystal poses with LuLu's owner Jenny for a quick selfie.

Check It Out For Yourself

If you are local, and looking for that special something, I recommend trying Lulu’s Boutique in Mission. Or, if you are ready to clean out your closet, while earning some extra cash or store credit, you can find the Buying Terms on their Facebook page.  If you are not local, and see something you like in a photo, they offer Lulu’s To You! Just send a direct message, through Facebook or Instagram, and they will be happy to ship it to you. (Shipping costs apply) Have you ever visited a shop like this one?
Until next time, my friend,

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