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Powering Up At Nexus Coffee

Like many of the cities we visit, Little Rock offers a vibrant downtown. The area we focused on was near the River Market district, which includes the Clinton Presidential Library, an amazing river trail, and a local farmers market. On a beautiful Saturday morning, we left our hotel in search of coffee, before hitting up the market. Our footsteps led us to Nexus Coffee, which is just across the street from the farmers market pavilion. A steady stream of customers hinted at good things to come. Caffeine Fix at Nexus Coffee As we walked through the door, the wonderful aroma [...]

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An InstaTasting At Rowe Ridge Vineyards and Winery

For those who haven't followed us long, we enjoy a nice glass of wine. Of course, we find that the reason they make so many varieties, is because everyone has their own preferences. Fortunately, we both are fans of wines on the sweet side, so it's not hard for us to find a bottle we both agree on. On a beautiful Fall day, we joined a group of social influencers for a visit to Rowe Ridge Vineyard & Winery, located at 11255 Leavenworth Road in Kansas City, Kansas. We want to thank Visit KCK and Rowe Ridge Winery for their [...]

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Grassroots Art Center Draws The Folk To Folk Art

Our first knowledge of Lucas revolved around how artsy this Central Kansas town is known to be. With only this in mind, we began planning our visit. A "must see" we discovered is the Grassroots Art Center, which is located on Main Street. Opened in 1999, this unique attraction occupies the space of three historic native limestone buildings. We would like to thank the Lucas Chamber of Commerce and the Grassroots Art Center for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  Unexpected Bonus During a whirlwind day of artistic pursuit, we found our way to the main drag in Lucas. [...]

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Why You Should Visit The Little Rock Riverwalk

We hail from a river city, so visiting Little Rock, Arkansas gave us an opportunity to see how they have handled their waterway. With the Arkansas River bisecting the city, it becomes a focal point for transportation and recreation. While cities must always be aware of potential flooding possibilities, we like it when we find destinations that have incorporated this green space into their city master plan. Little Rock has done so by creating the Arkansas River Trail. We want to thank the Little Rock CVB for hosting our visit. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Rolling Down the River [...]

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Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Hey Everybody! Welcome to Crystal's Corner! I am so excited to add this feature to our blog. What better way to ring in my 55th year, than to write my first article, (except for being with family, of course). I have a confession... I haven't always been this excited. Our oldest son mentioned this idea to me a few months ago. He thought some of you might enjoy reading something from me. https://youtu.be/Jn5Tge2PieE?list=UUITM87wA_ANApPAp2xCQLoA Convincing Conversation By the time we hung up from our conversation, I was on board and even excited about the idea. The next step was to convince [...]

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12 Top Experiences In Oklahoma City

When you hear the name Oklahoma, many people immediately think of the namesake musical. While farming and ranching still exists in much of the state, Oklahoma City has grown into a thriving metropolis. Our three day visit was chocked full of fun attractions, delicious dining, and unique shopping districts. This overview article highlights some of the top spots to visit throughout the metro. Just be prepared to run into lots of locals, since most of these spots are local favorites. We want to thank the Visit Oklahoma City and the local businesses for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. [...]

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Back To Nature At Central Arkansas Nature Center

You all know how much we enjoy being able to park for the day and walk to multiple stops. The River Market District in Little Rock, Arkansas is one of those kind of destinations. Sitting along the Arkansas River, we expected to catch views of plenty of wildlife. A stop at the Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center would help us know what to look for and identify the creatures we might see. We want to thank the Little Rock CVB for hosting our visit. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Diverse Ecosystems Arkansas is made up of six [...]

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We Found The Beef At Pirate Pete’s Cafe

Our established readers know that when we visit a new destination we always try to root out at least one hidden gem dining option. This is a talent we have honed in our own backyard. Even with all of our exploring in the Kansas City metro, we still are amazed when we discover a new one. Pirate Pete's Grill, in Parkville, truly fits this category. A relative newcomer to this riverside city, Pete's is aiming to carve out a niche as a popular local hangout. Hearty Menu at Pirate Pete's Grill On a cool Fall day, we dropped by Pirate [...]

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Survivor’s Spirit – Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

Every city and town we visit has a variety of stories to tell. These range from entertaining to amusing and at times horrific. We had no idea what to expect when we visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. Most everyone is aware of the bombing that took place on April 19, 1995, and there have been an untold number of articles written about the event, the suspects, and the victims. At the time, it was the worst terrorist attack to take place on American soil. We want to thank the Visit Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City National Memorial for their hospitality. Rest [...]

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Lining Up To Try The Root Cafe

Our visit to Little Rock had a few surprises that we had not expected. One of them was with our visit to The Root Cafe. The plan had been to have lunch there on our first day, but an opportunity to appear on the hit show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives meant that they had to close for the day. Fortunately, there was a backup plan already in play, so we didn't go hungry. During our stay in Little Rock, we kept hearing the locals rave about Root cafe, so we jostled our schedule to fit in a breakfast visit on [...]

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