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Want Some Free Money? – The Money Museum

They say that education is one of the best investments. Does that mean if you learn about money, you are doubling the value of your education? Perhaps my math doesn't quite add up, but you can certainly learn a lot at The Money Museum. This FREE attraction offers a lot for all ages, and helps visitors understand more about how the Federal Reserve works. You even get a treat at the end, and who wouldn't want some free money? Raise Your Hands if You Want to See Inside The Money Museum is located inside of the Federal reserve Building at [...]

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Slow Your Pace At Dubuque Arboretum

When traveling to a new destination, it is easy to get wrapped up into rushing through sites. Too often, we are trying to pack as much as possible into our time. The idea of missing out on even one attraction, leads to a hurried pace. To help prevent us from falling into this mode, I will arrange our schedule to include a couple of stops designed to change our speed. The Dubuque Arboretum is one of those places that is designed to slow your pace.  We want to thank Travel Dubuque and the Dubuque Arboretum for their hospitality. Rest assured [...]

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First Tastes of Lindsborg – Farley’s Bar & Grill

For our visit to Lindsborg, Kansas, we scheduled our arrival on a Friday evening. After driving for a couple of hours, we were really in the mood for dinner. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options located in "Little Sweden USA". As we scoped out the lay of the land, we decided to start right in the heart of the city. The main drag has a mix of businesses that include some unique eateries. It looked like we had found our first tastes of Lindsborg.   We want to thank Visit Lindsborg and Farley's Bar & Grill for their hospitality. Rest [...]

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Burgers, Fries and Satisfaction At The Snack Shack

With all the restaurant options out there, we still enjoy a good old burger joint every so often. These days it seems to get harder and harder to find these stops, as everybody wants to make gourmet burgers. On a visit to downtown Overland Park, we dropped by The Snack Shack on Santa Fe to see what they have to offer. Located at 8039 Santa Fe Drive, the family owned burger shack has made quite a name for itself. This evening we were in for some burgers, fries and satisfaction. Looks Quiet When we arrived, we noticed that there were [...]

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Sweet Success At Betty Jane Candies

Let's see a show of hands for all of our candy lovers out there. You can bet that Crystal and I each have our hands raised. Not every destination we visit gives us a chance to sample some new confectionery. Of course, I am always scoping out the landscape to see if one is available and within striking distance. Dubuque, Iowa offered a perfect opportunity to sample the sweet success at Betty Jane Candies. While we were unfamiliar with this particular chocolatier, we would soon discover that they have an immense following worldwide. We want to thank Travel Dubuque and [...]

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Dala Horse History at Hemslojd

Perhaps you have seen the little red horses and wondered where they come from. Many years ago, we traveled to Lindsborg, Kansas with our children. During this visit, we stopped at Hemslöjd to check out these fun looking figures. Fast forward to the present, and we once again found ourselves in this quaint Swedish city. This time we were traveling without kids, but that didn't stop us from making a return visit. On this trip, we would spend time learning more of the Dala horse history and why these iconic figures are so popular. We want to thank Visit Lindsborg [...]

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Backyard Dining At Tacos El Tio

Recently, we had a chance to experience the "Taste of Central" festival in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. This event offered participants an opportunity to sample dishes from a variety of restaurants that they may overlook on a regular basis. We have to admit that we are just as guilty as others of forgetting to showcase the cuisines found in our own hometown. While we still want to spread the love around our metro, we know that we need to remember the backyard dining options we have right here in KCK. Testing Tacos El Tio With a long list of Mexican [...]

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Riding The World’s Shortest Railway in Dubuque

Dubuque, Iowa sits along a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. Let me clarify that by saying, part of the city sits on a bluff. The oldest portions of the city lie along the flood plain that rests beside the river. Carved out by the changing river patterns, this is home for many of the original businesses that fueled the growing city. It is also the place that we ended up riding the world's shortest railway.  We want to thank Travel Dubuque and Fenelon Place Elevator for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. Cheap Trip There may be [...]

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Forging The Future At Blacksmith Coffee

We enjoy finding businesses that have re-purposed buildings, but still retained a tie with the past. In Lindsborg, Kansas, we had an opportunity to enjoy a breakfast stop at Blacksmith Coffee. This homey city, referred to as "Little Sweden", was founded in 1869. In the early days, it was the task of blacksmiths to keep the wheels of commerce turning. These vital artisans worked in hot conditions, as they toiled away through the Kansas seasons. While the forges have grown cold in Lindsborg, we found that a new generation is forging the future at Blacksmith Coffee.   We want to thank [...]

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Kicking Off Fall Festival Season In Kansas City

The beginning of Fall is sometimes a moving target, in Kansas City. While the accurate astronomical date for 2019 is September 23rd, the meteorological comes on September 1st. For many parents around the metro, it starts once the kids go back to school. For us, we consider the unofficial beginning to take place when the various city and town celebrations start. School season may begin earlier and earlier, but kicking off Fall festival season in Kansas City usually centers around labor day weekend. Today, we are taking a look at some of our favorite autumn occurrences that you may want [...]

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