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Maldaner’s Restaurant – Lunch At A Local Landmark

Each year hundreds of restaurants start and fail. It takes dedication and consistency to build  a sustainable dining business. While some of the newcomers have unique menu offerings, we believe that tried and true eateries have developed a taste that appeals to a wide range of diners. Springfield, Illinois is home to a variety of delectable dining options, and our first meal certainly would set the culinary tone for our visit. With this in mind, we chose Maldaner's Restaurant, which is a local landmark. This green thumb eatery uses locally grown ingredients and harvest honey from their rooftop hives. We [...]

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Museum Of Illusions KC – The Art Of Forced Perspective

Over the years we have visited loads of various museums. They come in all sizes and focus on a host of topics. Some of our favorite are the one-off type that feature some unique subject. A newcomer to the Kansas City scene is the Museum of Illusions KC, located in Union Station. We dropped by to check out their exhibits on forced perspective, which some refer to as optical illusions. We want to thank the Museum of Illusion for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. It's All About Angles Some versions of forced perspective rely solely on [...]

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First Taste Of Kenosha – Boat House Pub & Eatery

Traveling can often make us work up an appetite. This is a good thing, since we love showing you unique locally-owned spots to dine. Our trip from Chicago to Kenosha, Wisconsin took a little longer than we expected. By the time we arrived for our lunch, we were famished. That was okay, because the dining destination we had planned serves up hearty dishes for hungry visitors. As we arrived at Boat House Pub & Eatery, we were ready for our first taste of Kenosha. With an itinerary packed full of exploring, we knew we were in for a couple of [...]

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Get Healthy At Kidzeum

When planning a visit to a new destination, we try to pack our schedule really full. This allows us to write tons of articles on each city, so that you will have more options when planning your own vacation. Even with a full slate of stops planned, we seem to still squeeze in one more unexpected treasure. During a luncheon with the staff at Visit Springfield, we found out about a new kids museum that was located in the downtown area. Since we know that many of our readers will be traveling with family, a visit to find out how [...]

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Taco Anyday at KC Taco Company

These days it seems that we are constantly seeing specials for Taco Tuesday events. While it's nice to find a deal on one of our favorite menu items, we think that this delectable cuisine shouldn't be limited to one day per week. We would like to propose Taco Anyday and KC Taco Company is a good spot to enjoy this new holiday. A stop at their location at 520 Walnut Street, on a Saturday evening, to join other diners at this popular Kansas City eatery. We want to thank the KC Taco Company for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions [...]

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Shine A Light On Kenosha Harbor

Being from the Central Midwest, we don't often see bodies of water as large as Lake Michigan. Our visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin landed us squarely on the coast of this Great Lake. The sight of lighthouses was a signal that we weren't in Kansas anymore. Getting the chance to visit the Southport Light Station Museum, on Simmons Island, would shine a light on Kenosha Harbor. With a hearty lunch fueling our afternoon, we were ready to explore this historic structure. We want to thank Visit Kenosha and the Kenosha History Center for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are [...]

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Paying Respect At Lincoln’s Tomb

Visiting Springfield, Illinois would not be complete without paying respect at Lincoln's Tomb. Having a chance to see the final resting place of our 16th president, was high on our list of must do activities. Since our visit to Springfield was focused on the downtown region of this Midwestern city, we decided to make this our first stop. Lincoln's Tomb is located a couple miles north of the downtown area, so we decided to drive there. We want to thank Visit Springfield for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  First Sighting The day we arrived in Springfield [...]

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Fresh Look At The Kansas City Zoo

With so much of the country left to explore, sometimes we struggle finding time to spend in our own backyard. We made a renewed commitment to take a deeper dive into Kansas City culture this year. Zoological parks are one of our favorite diversions, wherever we travel. For years, we have visited the Kansas City Zoo, especially when we were in the midst of raising children. While we have made occasional stops over the past few years, we felt it was time for us to take a fresh look at the Kansas City Zoo and see what's happening. We want [...]

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Smoky Mountain Road Trip Part 2 – Pancakes, and Mountains, and Bears. Oh My!

When we began our Great Smoky Mountain Road Trip, we were welcomed by the remnants of Hurricane Florence. Our itinerary had included a couple of days of indoor activities, so we moved those ahead to save the outdoor fun. Fortunately, the rain moved away in time for us to enjoy more pancakes, mountains and bears. It seems that vacation days pass much more quickly, so we planned to make the most of our remaining time. (If you haven't seen Part 1 of our trip, you can find it here.) Keeping Our Rhythm We were hitting our stride for visiting pancake [...]

Historic Break At Wm. Van’s Coffee House

Springfield, Illinois is a Midwestern city filled with historic houses. Being the hometown of the Abraham Lincoln family puts it squarely on the map of vacationers and history buffs alike. While some of the homes are available for tours, others can only be viewed from the outside. We found one that crossed the tourism-only line to become a local business with a twist. Sitting a block off of the original Route 66, we stopped in for a historic break at Wm. Van's Coffee House.  We want to thank Visit Springfield and Wm. Van's Coffee House for their hospitality. Rest assured [...]

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