We all have seen products that we can immediately identify as “high quality”. At the Amana Woolen Mill, we could tell that the textiles were a grade above what we usually see. This type of quality is a hallmark of this small Iowa community.A loom sits in the showroom at Amana Woolen Mill.

Designed for Durability

The weekend we visited was in between festivals, so the crowds were lighter than usual. This was certainly okay with us, as it gave us more space to wander. We also were able to observe in more detail, than what you would expect during a busy period. When we first entered the Amana Woolen Mill we stepped into the sales room. Here we found an assortment of the items produced at the factory. All were for sale to the public.

A cutting table for textiles.

Tools of the Trade

Here we found a loom set up for demonstrations. No one was working it during our visit, but evidently they do during busier times. A work room is visible through a window, and lets visitors see the cutting tables used by staff. We could imagine past workers determining new designs under the watchful eyes of a village elder. The history of the community was evident everywhere we visited.

Author shopping for blankets.

Quality Products at Amana Woolen Mill

We made our way from the showroom toward the factory section. On the way, we found lots of their blankets displayed. Each one proudly wears the Amana label, and with that comes the decades of dedication to this craft. The colors and patterns are mostly muted, but some are a little more bright than others. With so many options, it is hard to select just one.

The Amana Woolen Mill production facility.

Looms Sit Idle

We knew a Saturday visit meant that the factory would be quiet. The workers operate the looms during the week, as they turn out yards and yards of quality textiles. We were sure that we missed out on a true wonder. It would have been really interesting to watch these huge machines in motion.

Assorted blankets available at Amana Woolen Mill.

Last Look

We made our way back toward the entrance, and found even more blankets hung and stacked along the way. Many of the patterns were ones we have seen for years. Checkerboard, gingham, striped, and plaid were extremely popular. Solid colors were available, but not nearly as prevalent. No matter how many patterns they create, all share in the same high quality that visitors have come to expect at the Amana Colonies. We are hoping to make a return visit at a time when the looms are turning, but in the meantime, we will continue sharing our experiences from the other places we visited in the Amana Colonies. Be sure to sign up for our emails, so you don’t miss any of these articles.

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