Throughout the city you can find a Happy Hour on most any day. Some establishments have added a Reverse Happy Hour, which is usually later in the evening. While these do occur every day, we enjoy the Friday Happy Hour the best. After a long work week it feels extra special to break from the routine and head out on the town. These events give us an excellent opportunity to sample a variety of upscale restaurants without the whole fanfare of an expensive dinner. Of course, not all of the restaurants are high dollar, but the fun of a Happy Hour stills holds its influence even in a more moderate setting. 

  The main draw for many Happy Hours revolves around the drinks. Each location will offer up its own special concoctions at reduced prices. It is a good chance to try a new drink that you have been interested in tasting. Of course, some of us are drawn to our staple drink, but Happy Hour still gives us an opportunity to sample how it is made at various locations. We are partial to Long Island Ice Tea, and have given it a try at many restaurants. Some are better than others, but I don’t ever remember sending one back.

  Obviously, it is a wise decision to eat some food with those drinks, and Happy Hour offers a chance to sample a variety of nibbles. Most restaurants offer reduced priced appetizers on their Happy Hour menu. You will find anything from sliders to nachos, and flat-breads to hummus being offered. We find it an excellent way to sample the food, and get a reduced priced meal. Often we may order two or three items to split between us, since they are usually the appetizer size plates. As Happy Hour regains its popularity, you will find many places will be bustling, so it is wise to try to get there early. Well all of this talk about Happy Hours has made us want to plan our next outing. Cheers!