Happy Hour visits are one of our favorite things, but our work schedule doesn’t always cooperate. It is nice to find places that offer extended hours, so that more people are able to participate. The Red Door Grill, at 11851 Roe Avenue, runs their Happy Hours from 4:00 – 7:00 pm Monday through Friday, and again from 10:00 to close on Friday and Saturdays . That makes this place a very popular gathering spot. The bar is a long granite slab, which offers plenty of seating. Running parallel to the bar is another long high table designed to capture the overflow. While this looks like a lot of seating, this place fills up quickly on a Friday evening. We found this out for ourselves.

Red door Grill

While waiting for a seat to clear, one of the bartenders came over and took our drink order. By the time we sat down our drinks were coming to greet us. They had three bartenders working that evening, and service was not lacking. The Red Door Grill Happy Hour drink menu includes margaritas, mojitos, cosmopolitans, and Moscow Mules. All of these are priced at the same low price, so they seemed to be the majority of the drinks being ordered. It was quite interesting to watch, since we don’t usually see that volume of Moscow Mules being made at other Happy Hours. I have always found the mugs quite intriguing, and tell myself I need to try one. If you like this particular drink, please tell us about it in the comment section.

Moscow Mule

Now for many, Happy Hour is not just about the drinks, but also about trying the food at new venues. We have enjoyed many fine establishments during these fleeting hours, and always have had luck finding good things to eat. At most places the Happy Hour food specials are usually items from the appetizer section of the menu, which is pretty similar at Red Door Grill. This means the servings are sized for sharing. It gives guests an opportunity to test out multiple items, which will help them get a better feeling for the food quality at that particular restaurant. On this evening, we were in the mood to try their flat-breads.

Old School Flatbread

We ordered one each of the Four Cheese and Pepperoni Flat-breads, but decided to hold off picking anything else for the time being. Boy were we glad of that decision. The food arrived in about 10 minutes, and each was large enough to fill one person. They are served on a wooden cutting board, and the presentation is very appetizing. The people sitting next to us decided to order one after seeing ours. While we realize that presentation helps improve the atmosphere of the meal, it still comes down to taste. Both of the flat-breads were flavorful with crisp crusts. The pepperoni version had thick slices of meat embedded in the cheese and marinara sauce. I’m sure Crystal was quite pleased with it, as pepperoni is her favorite pizza topping. The four cheese flat-bread had mozzarella, provolone, fontina, and Parmesan cheeses with a white sauce. The sauce had a hint of Alfredo flavor, and went well with the cheese varieties. Overall it is hard to pick a favorite, but I would probably lean toward the cheese version.

Spicy Blue Burger

A person nearby had ordered the Spicy Blue Burger, and it looked so good that I made a mental note for a future visit. With the popularity of the location we would certainly suggest arriving early. While we try to vary our restaurant choices, Red Door Grill will certainly be on our radar for a return visit. So if you like good food, low cost drinks, and don’t mind crowds, then we would suggest you give it a try. Perhaps a weeknight may be a little less crowded.