Happy Hour – McCormick & Schmicks

Happy Hour – McCormick & Schmicks

McCormick & Schmicks sits on the Plaza overlooking the shopping district. The building is beautiful inside and out, and has an outdoor patio overlooking the busy streets. Primarily a seafood restaurant, they also serve delicious beef courses. Dinner can be an entertaining experience, but a bit pricey. Of course as we have learned, Happy Hour offers us an opportunity to savor there delectable offerings at a fraction of the price.

  As with many locations, the hours that their special prices run are limited, so it’s best to try and get there early. Fortunately they have a substantial lounge area, so it makes it a little easier to find seating. The Happy Hour menu offers quite a few food items with very reasonable prices. On our last visit we each had the McCormick’s Cheeseburger with fries. It is a lot of food, and at $5.00 is a great deal. I am also partial to their calamari, which is as good as one would expect at a seafood restaurant.

  The drink menu also has a good selection, and the prices are reasonable for the location. As always we lean toward Long Islands, and their version is quite tasty. At $6.00 each they are reasonable, if not a true bargain. The service can be a little hectic during happy Hour, but that is to be expected at such a popular location. All in all we find it to be a good value at an above average quality restaurant.

 If you find yourself there looking for an over the top dessert, I would suggest the Chocolate Bag. It is exactly what it looks like, a bag shaped chocolate filled with berries and cream. I would highly suggest you bring a friend or two to help, and order some milk or coffee to wash it down. Enjoy!

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