One of my early jobs was as a gas station attendant on 7th Street, just north of Central Avenue, near downtown KCK. Right across the street from the station was a Go Chicken Go restaurant. This was not a very glamorous job, as it was in the period where they were just beginning to move the operations to being pay before you pump. I spent the bulk of my time sitting in a booth, behind a glass front, taking money and turning on the pumps.

The familiar building that houses Go Chicken Go.

Dinner Break

On most of my work days, Go Chicken Go served as my source of meals. I would stop by just before starting my shift, to pick up something to snack on while I waited on customers.  I have always been partial to the legs, wings, and thighs when eating chicken, so I started with these familiar selections. You may notice that the chicken breasts at Go Chicken Go can be a little irregularly shaped. Trying them proves that they tasted just as good as the rest of the pieces. It took me a while to decide to give the chicken gizzards a try, and to be honest they are still not my cup of tea. I did occasionally purchase a box full, since they make a great snack. Once at work, I spent countless hours watching customers file in and out of the chicken restaurant across the street.

A box full of goodness starts with a visit to Go Chicken Go.

Fond Memories of Go Chicken Go

My first visit to Go Chicken Go reminded me of our visits to Chicken Annie’s or Chicken Mary’s in Pittsburg, Kansas. The familiar smell of fried chicken permeated the air upon entry. To see that this restaurant has not only survived, but also added more locations says a little about their product. Their menu is not as extensive as you will find in a lot of restaurants, but there is still a good selection of sides to accompany your meal. The prices are quite reasonable, making it possible for a family of four to get dinner for around $25.00. How many of you have fond memories from the early days of Go Chicken Go?

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