Golfing, while fun, can be an expensive sport. There is the cost of a bag of clubs, and golf balls. You better bring extra if you are new to the game, because you will be losing a few. If you don’t want to carry your clubs all over the course, you will need to invest in a hand cart or rent a golf cart. Greens fees can run from costly to unbelievable. So what alternative is there that will still allow a person to get outdoors and enjoy the nature? How about Frisbee Golf!

Modern disc golf started in the 1960’s in Atlanta, Georgia. There people would use 55 gallon barrels as the targets. The sport has progressed over the years, and now many cities have disc golf course. In Rosedale Park, there are two courses, Top Course and Down Under, each with 18 holes. The Top Course has open fairways lined by woods. Set in the rolling hills atop one of the highest points in Kansas City, it offers wonderful views of the surrounding city.

Rosedale Disc Course - Kansas City Kansas - Frisbee Golf - Disc Golf

The Down Under course snakes around the hills below the Top Course. The terrain is hilly with shorter, but tighter fairways. Lots of trees make this course more difficult, and it requires improved accuracy. Whichever course you choose, you are sure to find plenty of challenges. You will also find that the other golfers are helpful, and usually willing to share tips and strategies to help improve your game.

Frisbee Golf is played with specialized discs which are smaller and heavier than normal Frisbee. The sport has its own set of rules, but as with regular golf, the exactness of following them will sometimes depend on your fellow players. A search of the internet or library should result in plenty of information. For those adventurous enough, it is an opportunity for fresh air and exercise. With a low start up cost, and no greens fees, it is also an economical sporting choice.

If you are hesitant to attempt it, a visit to the park will allow you to watch others in action. There is a shelter house in the middle of the Top Course which will allow for decent views. There is also a skate park in this area where you may catch some local kids skateboarding. There is a a play-set for the younger kids to enjoy. On a sunny day expect to find the course parking lot filled, and sometimes there will be a short line waiting for a tee box. The park has plenty of benches to rest on while catching your breath or waiting your turn. If you choose to give this sport a try, I would suggest starting with the Top Course to get a feel for it. If you can throw a Frisbee then you can play Frisbee golf. So are you thinking about giving it a try?