Our arrival in the Amana Colonies was just before lunchtime. After a quick stop at the Visitor’s Bureau, we decided to make our way to lunch. Amana is a quaint village steeped in German heritage, but our first meal was a little unexpected. We walked down to PHAT Daddy’s Pizzeria for a sampling of their pies.

We want to thank the PHAT Daddy’s Pizzeria for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

Cook pulls pizza from oven.

Wood-Fired Goodness

During my research, a lot of the same food dishes kept coming up on menus. We knew that we would be trying plenty of schnitzels, bratwursts, and other German delicacies. Amana, Iowa is one of seven villages, but it holds the majority of the shops, restaurants, and attractions. This small town has four restaurants, and our visit was planned to allow us to sample all of them.

A family watches the pizza cook.

A short talk with the owner shed light on their restaurant’s decision. Their pizza chef has a history in Chicago but brings a slight twist to the style. He has also developed some very interesting flavor combinations. We let the staff help determine which pies we would test and then grabbed a table with a good view of the wood-fired oven. While our lunch was baked, we watched the chef show off the pizza oven to a visiting family. We would find that this attention to customers is prevalent in the Amana Colonies.

Crab Rangoon pizza.

PHAT Daddy’s Delicious Dishes

Quicker than we expected, our pies were brought over. The regular size pie would have been more than enough for two, and we would have only had the chance to savor one flavor. For our article, they made smaller versions and served up two of their most popular combinations. The first was Crab Rangoon, which includes garlic flavored cream cheese, green onion, Surimi crab, wonton strips, and their homemade Pepper Jelly. OMG! This one had such a unique taste, we both fell instantly in love.

The second pie was a Margherita, made with tomato, roasted garlic, and shredded sweet basil. A standard pizza combination that they have got down to an art. We had the best of both worlds on our table. A slice of savory followed by a slice of sweetness. We ate all we could but were unable to finish. Big thumbs up on both pies.

Hawaiian Pizza to go.

I took a few minutes to speak with the chef, and he explained a lot of his background. He has spent many years in the restaurant business and has certainly brought this experience with him. The owner returned to spend a few more minutes with us. We told him about our experience and thanked him for his time. As we were finishing up our visit, they pulled another unique combination out of the oven. The Smoked Pork Hawaiian looks like a pizza our son would love. Unfortunately for him, we had just started our long weekend in Amana.

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