Quirky Finds at Easy, Tiger

Quirky Finds at Easy, Tiger

It is amazing to hear the background stories from some of the businesses around town. People can be very inventive when they launch a start-up, and if successful, the business may slowly transform into something almost unrecognizable. Such is the case for Easy, Tiger located in the West Bottoms. The premise of the company started with delivering greeting cards. Not your average frilly, and sugary-sweet type of greeting cards. Their product has sarcastic overtones, and comes emblazoned with retro style graphics. The end result usually brings a smile to the face of the giver and receiver, so the cards accomplish their purpose. They just do it with a twist.

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Finding a way to get their product out to the public brought out their creative juices. They refurbished old vending machines, stocked them with their cards, and set them up in strategic locations like coffee shops. Their strategy worked, and their business flourished. As the business grew, they expanded their offerings to include much more than greeting cards. A visit to Easy, Tiger shows the variety that they have added. Statues, cork-board maps, drink ware, clothing, and lots of trophies fill their warehouse location.

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It is easy to see why their popularity continues to grow. They offer fun products in a relaxed atmosphere. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and are always happy to interact with customers. The space they have created is inviting, eclectic, and offers a departure from the standard antique stores that fill the West Bottoms. They are open weekdays from Noon until 5:00 pm, as well as during the First Friday weekend events. Be sure to stop by Easy, Tiger to get your fix of fun.

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