Many foods can evoke strong opinions from those who are partial to them, and in Kansas City, none of these more than barbecue. Our choice for at home dining is Big Q Bar-B-Q located at 2117 S 34th St in Kansas City, KS. Now many cities and states lay claim to be the “BBQ Capitol of the World”, and this post is not going to try to sway anyone’s opinion. Just as there are many regions involved, so are there a multitude of restaurants in each of these cities. In Kansas City alone there are dozens of places serving up their own versions on a daily basis. So it’s easy to find something for your taste buds right here in the metro, and many people have determined their overall favorite, while others bounce between a few for variety. We prefer to savor a wide swath of BBQ options throughout the metro, because we have found that almost every place has something they do right.

Big Q Bar-B-Q

Now you may ask why we prefer Big Q Bar-B-Q? This place is old school. They cook in a brick pit, and use 100% hickory.  This small restaurant puts out some of the best ribs, in our opinion. Their burnt ends are a crowd favorite, as well. For those looking for a sandwich, you will have a choice of ham, pork, beef, turkey, sausage, pulled pork (yes it is different than their other pork) or burnt ends. You can also choose to do a two meat combination. For bigger appetites they offer a variety of dinner plates, which include a couple of side dishes. Speaking of sides, Big Q Bar-B-Q does it right with delicious baked beans, and you can’t go wrong with the steak-cut fries. We also pick items off of the appetizer side to use as side dishes. Two of our favorites are the mushrooms and poppers.

The unique flavor that each BBQ joint offers up comes from the combination of rubs, smoke, and sauce. Big Q cooks their meats low and slow, like it should be done. They have a tangy sauce, which offers a slight bit of spicy kick at the end. It’s a flavor that makes you want to have some more, and isn’t that the idea after all. While some restaurants will offer up a variety of spice levels with their sauces, Big Q has chosen to stick with one time tested flavor, and it works. While we would never attempt to make a person change restaurants, we would offer up the idea that trying a wide variety allows us to better understand the nuances of each restaurants flavors. So if you are in the neighborhood, and are looking for some good BBQ, let us suggest a stop at Big Q Bar-B-Q. We certainly hope it meets your personal BBQ standards.

Photo credits to Kansas City Star