A cloudy and dreary Friday evening makes for a difficult date night. One way to bring a little warmth is a visit to a local pizzeria. For a recent outing we chose to dine at Chiusano’s Brick Oven Pizzeria in Village West. Located at 1713 Village W Pkwy, Kansas City, KS 66111, this locally owned restaurant offers up Naples style pizzas.

Out of the Cold

As we entered the pizzeria, we noticed it was pretty busy. That is always a good sign, so we were sure to have a good time. The seating is a mix of tables and booths. There is even a bar area that offers an additional option. All were more than half full, but the bar area looked to also serve the carry-out crowd. Even with the busy pace, we were quickly seated.

The dining room is set at a lower light level, which adds to the ambiance. We ordered a couple of salads to start, and it bought us some time to review the menu further. The salads were standard house style, but fresh and filling. We took note of the dishes that our neighbor tables were eating. The pizzas come in three sizes. The Family is 16″ and looked to feed four or five. A Personal 9″ would easily fill both of us, but tonight we wanted to sample a couple different pie flavors. We finally decided on the Mini 5″ knowing that we would be having sweets and a nightcap later. We placed our order, and went back to our conversation. Our discussion this evening was focused on how busy the Legends Shopping Center was even in inclimate weather. Being from KCK, we were happy to see the crowds.

A Great Pie

Chiusano’s offers the chance to build your own pie. There are a couple crust choices, as well as four sauces. They also offer 37 various toppings to mix and match. Of course, for those having a hard time choosing, there are 20 specialty combinations to make it easier. This ended up being the way we chose to go. I picked the Meatluvr that includes pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham and mozzarella. It was a good mix of flavors and just the right size to curb my appetite. Crystal decided to be a good Kansas City fan and ordered the Royals. This specialty pizza is a white variety, which she seems to favor. The alfredo sauce is topped with caramelized onions, chicken, bacon, and mozzarella. I didn’t taste this pie, but Crystal assured me it was a good flavor combination. With our hungers satisfied, it was time to bundle up and head back out into the cold evening. Having the warmth of a good dinner in our bellies, we were able to stand the whipping wind a little better. What pie combination would you choose at Chiusano’s?

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