Top 10 Eats – Eating Our Way Through 2019

When we look back at all of the meals we consumed in 2019, it's hard to say which were the top 10 eats. There are many components that go into making a meal memorable. Obviously the food ranks high, but let's not overlook the atmosphere, service, and total experience. In this article, we try to identify two hands full of places that stand out in our minds. Rest assured that these are not the only good meals we encountered and experiences are also subject to the perception of the diner. Each of the eateries in this article stands out for their ability to [...]

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Our Top 10 Stops of 2019 – A Retrospective

As we look back on our third travel season, we find ourselves with so many great memories. When we first began our Top 10 series, we had no idea that it would become so popular. Each travel season we are finding ourselves wandering farther and farther from home. This opens up so many new wonders for us and confirms that North America has almost limitless potential. To come up with our Top 10 Stops of 2019, we start by listing the cities we have visited. In 2019, this list included 12 destinations with at least one overnight stay. Of course, there were also [...]

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Our TOP 10 Stops Of 2018

Our second year of travel blogging offered us more opportunities for adventure and exploration. There were so many great places we visited that it is really difficult to narrow it down to just our Top 10 stops. This grouping represents some of the best sites we visited in 2018, and each hold a special place in our memories. One common thread between all of these places is the educational opportunities that they each offer. Of course, a few of the places also allowed us to act like kids again, so that was just an added bonus. Saint Louis Zoo By now, most of [...]

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Our TOP 10 Eats Of 2018

It's hard to believe we've completed our second year of travel blogging. The time passes so quickly, but fortunately we were able to make a lot of memories. In 2018, we continued to focus primarily on the Central U.S. While many will consider these the "fly-over states", those in the know realize that they are chocked full of interesting sites just waiting to be explored. To fuel all of our discoveries, we visited a ton of locally owned restaurants, diners, coffee shops, and dessert bars. Paring down to just our Top 10 is quite a chore, since there are so many great eats [...]

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Hers, Mine and Ours – The Best Foods We Ate In 2017

Recently, we released an article showcasing our Top 10 stops during our travels in 2017. (You can read it here>) We purposely left any food places off of that list, as we wanted to highlight those separately. In this article we have attempted to compile our favorite breakfast, dinner, and specialty locations from all of the destinations we visited last year. Since we both have our own opinions, (Yes, Crystal doesn’t always see it my way.) we decided to go with a Hers, Mine, and Ours approach. See how many of them would make your list. […]

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Top 10 Spots We Visited In 2017

We launched Our Changing Lives on January 10, 2017, so it seemed fitting to look back at our first year on the one year anniversary. It’s hard to fathom the changes that have occurred in the past 365 days, and much of it would not have happened without our faithful readers. Starting a new blog can be a little overwhelming, and scary. It’s like planning a big party, and wondering if anyone will show up. Well, we threw the party, and what a reception we received. Crystal came up with the idea that each year our journeys will radiate a little [...]

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