Looking At Parkville Shops With Fresh Eyes

It amazes us to see the trends repeat themselves over the years. Much like clothing styles that refresh every few decades, we are witnessing a resurgence of the smaller boutique style shops. For many years, the big box stores were pushing these locally owned businesses out of the way. These days you can find more than a few of the mom & pop style stores throughout the city. There are even a few places where there is a collection of these unique destinations, such as Main Street Parkville. This happens to be one of our "go to" places when we want to spend [...]

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The Changing Landscape Of Shopping

Some of you will remember back in the day, when shopping was done at small shops owned locally. Over time these were squeezed out by the "big box" department stores. We have noticed that lately there is a sort of renaissance revival of smaller shops happening here in Kansas City, as well as the other places we travel. It is fueled from the desire to have a more cultural shopping experience that you don't get at the department store level. This is changing the landscape of shopping for many of the downtown areas of cities across the Midwest. They Keep Popping Up Recently [...]

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Sincerely Loving The West Bottoms

The area that we Kansas Citians call the West Bottoms was originally named the French Bottoms. In that area the Kansas Indians and French traders would meet to strike deals. Being along a confluence of two rivers meant good trapping grounds. Later the area would serve as a vital point for offloading goods transported along the river-way. The railroad built lines to serve this growing commerce and soon (1871) the stockyards were constructed. Kansas City grew out from this area, but the tie with the stockyards meant continued activity. The 1903 flood destroyed vast amounts of housing and residential properties, which moved to [...]

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