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August 2019

Kicking Off Fall Festival Season In Kansas City

By |2019-12-26T05:08:39-06:00August 30th, 2019|Kansas City, KC Fun, Out & About|

The beginning of Fall is sometimes a moving target, in Kansas City. While the accurate astronomical date for 2019 is September 23rd, the meteorological comes on September 1st. For many parents around the metro, it starts once the kids go back to school. For us, we consider the unofficial beginning to take place when the various city and town celebrations start. School season may begin earlier and earlier, but kicking off the Fall festival season in Kansas City usually centers around labor day weekend. Today, we are taking a look at some of our favorite autumn occurrences that you may want to add [...]

December 2018

An InstaTasting At Rowe Ridge Vineyards and Winery

By |2019-11-21T05:16:23-06:00December 7th, 2018|Kansas City, KC Fun, Out & About, Social Sips|

For those who haven't followed us long, we enjoy a nice glass of wine. Of course, we find that the reason they make so many varieties, is because everyone has their own preferences. Fortunately, we both are fans of wines on the sweet side, so it's not hard for us to find a bottle we both agree on. On a beautiful Fall day, we joined a group of social influencers for a visit to Rowe Ridge Vineyard & Winery, located at 11255 Leavenworth Road in Kansas City, Kansas. We want to thank Visit KCK and Rowe Ridge Winery for their hospitality. Rest assured [...]

September 2018

Tuscan Getaway At Chateau Avalon

By |2018-11-22T05:49:30-06:00September 14th, 2018|Kansas City, KC Fun, Out & About|

Running a travel blog means that we have the opportunity to stay in lots of hotels. Many of them are your standard lodging choices, which each have their own unique style. Every once in a while we visit one that is completely out of the ordinary. Such is the case with Chateau Avalon in the Village West District of Kansas City, Kansas. This boutique style hotel sets itself apart from other hotels by offering a fun and adventurous atmosphere designed primarily for couples. We want to thank the Visit Kansas City, Kansas and Chateau Avalon for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. French [...]

See The World at The Kansas City Ethnic Enrichment Festival

By |2018-11-22T05:50:05-06:00September 7th, 2018|Kansas City, KC Fun, Out & About|

Way back around 1980, a little annual event started up to celebrate the rich diversity found in Kansas City. We are sure that the organizers of this festival were hopeful that it would continue, but wonder if they could have imagined that it would achieve its current level of success. Here we are 39 years later, and the Kansas City Ethnic Enrichment Festival is still going strong. Held in the middle of August, this multicultural celebration embraces the reality that Kansas City is "The Melting Pot of the Midwest". Over 50 Countries We dropped in to the festival on a Saturday evening to [...]

May 2018

Sincerely Loving The West Bottoms

By |2019-12-12T12:53:28-06:00May 4th, 2018|Kansas City, KC Fun, Lifestyle, Out & About, Shopping|

The area that we Kansas Citians call the West Bottoms was originally named the French Bottoms. In that area the Kansas Indians and French traders would meet to strike deals. Being along a confluence of two rivers meant good trapping grounds. Later the area would serve as a vital point for offloading goods transported along the river-way. The railroad built lines to serve this growing commerce and soon (1871) the stockyards were constructed. Kansas City grew out from this area, but the tie with the stockyards meant continued activity. The 1903 flood destroyed vast amounts of housing and residential properties, which moved to [...]

December 2017

10 Reasons to Add Winterfest to Your Holiday Traditions

By |2018-11-22T05:50:28-06:00December 8th, 2017|Kansas City, KC Fun, Out & About|

December in Kansas City is a transition month for weather. While Christmas is on the mind, we are usually dealing with more temperate temperatures. This was the case for our visit to Worlds of Fun for Winterfest. Fortunately, the temperatures were expected to cool off after dark, so we knew it would put us in the holiday mood. […]

October 2017

Kicking It in KCK

By |2018-11-22T05:50:39-06:00October 27th, 2017|Kansas City, KC Fun, Out & About|

We are honored to have so many of you follow us on our journeys, and enjoy all of the interaction we have with people. While traveling can be exhilarating, we try to have just as much fun when we are at home in Kansas City. There are so many options to enjoy in our city, which makes new date options limitless . It is easy to develop a plan that will fill an entire day, and we try to do this quite often. Here is a day of exploring we did on the KCK side of the metro. […]

10 Reasons To Head To Santa-Cali-Gon Days Every Year

By |2018-11-22T05:50:53-06:00October 2nd, 2017|Kansas City, KC Fun, Out & About|

Labor Day weekend is the unofficial start of Fall, which means tons of festivals. Santa-Cali-Gon Days celebrates the extended weekend with entertainment, local vendors, and live music. This multi-day event takes place on the square in historic Independence, Missouri. While limiting this list to just ten things is difficult, these are the most popular reasons that people pack the square each year. […]

September 2017

Showing No Fear At Haunt

By |2018-11-22T05:51:08-06:00September 29th, 2017|Kansas City, KC Fun, Out & About|

When we received an invitation to the Worlds of Fun 2017 RIP Party we knew we would be in for a howling good time. The party was designed to celebrate the new season of the Halloween Haunt, which is their annual Fall festival. Living in Kansas City offers a chance to experience all four seasons, but it always seems that Autumn doesn’t last nearly long enough. The change in the weather sparks thoughts of bonfires, pumpkins, colorful leaves, and of course, the haunted houses. Now I haven’t visited a haunted house for years, and Crystal has never stepped foot in one, so we both had [...]

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