A Man Touched By Fire – John Brown

Most Kansans have heard the name of John Brown. This iconic legend was a hero to some and a villain to others. Although he was not born in the state, many of his most notable actions occurred there. During our Miami County Road Trip, we stopped at the John Brown Museum to learn more about this Civil War-era abolitionist. Familiar Face While the name is somewhat familiar in a regional way, John Brown's image has had a further reach. John Steuart Curry captured the spirit of Brown in a mural at the capitol building in Topeka, Kansas. An aged Brown, adorned in buckskin [...]

What We Learned At The Osawatomie Museum Complex

A day trip to Osawatomie, Kansas was less than an hour drive from Kansas City, but landed us in a different era. This itinerary was designed to showcase a variety of historic sites in Miami County. The Osawatomie Museum Complex, located in the downtown, was one of our stops. This locally oriented twin museum tells the story of the city, since its start in 1854. Our main purpose for visiting was to see their unique train museum section. Of course, we wanted to get a little background on the area first. What's In a Name? While we both have heard the name of [...]

True Grit At The Lone Jack Civil War Museum

Being from the Midwest means that we can find lots of historical sites within close proximity to our hometown. While it may not be Crystal's favorite, I am particularly intrigued by the Civil War battles and skirmishes in the region. These are numerous, so she has learned to make the best of it, and look for the personal stories that can be found entwined with the military data. Our visit to the Lone Jack Civil War Museum gave me another chance to further explore the actions in the border region. Located just a few minutes outside of Lee's Summit, Lone Jack is an [...]

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Past To Future At Museum at Prairiefire

We consider ourselves blessed to reside in a city with so many diverse attractions. Museums are one of our favorite destinations, and the Museum at Prairiefire fits its own specific niche in this category. We arranged a visit and tour on what ended up being a frigid and windy Kansas City winter day. The museum is located inside of the Prairiefire neighborhood at 5801 W. 135th Street in Overland Park, Kansas. The building is the first in North America to utilize dichroic glass on the exterior. It is designed to absorb the light on the outside as one color, but it [...]

Life in the Trenches – National World War 1 Museum

The National World War 1 Museum and Memorial is not a memorial to the war. Rather, it is a reminder of the results of the "War to end all wars", which were peace, liberty, and rebirth. The five years of turmoil left the countryside scarred, and families broken. It did not extinguish the human spirit, which rose above all of this to help heal a world that had been dark for so many days. Unfortunately, our planet would once again be plunged into world war in just a few decades. (You can read about the WWII Museum here.) We want to thank the World [...]

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Kansas City Jazz Museum Keeps The Music Alive

Many trails west originated from the Kansas City area, and the rivers that flow through it were the highways for explorers and traders alike. Through the years, Kansas City became home to a variety of unique sights, sounds, and flavors. Jazz music became the heartbeat of the city, and nowhere did it beat louder than at 18th & Vine. Today, Kansas City is the home to the American Jazz Museum, which is located at 1616 East 18th Street. We made a visit to this iconic site to learn more about the regions musical origins. […]

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Life Lessons at Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Staying at our home base during the holiday season offers us a chance to visit some of the great attractions found throughout Kansas City. A recent visit to the 18th & Vine area gave us an opportunity to meet with Bob Kendrick, the president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. On a chilly Saturday morning, we met with him at the museum to hear more about this often neglected piece of American sports history. We want to thank the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum for its hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum was founded in 1990 [...]

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Grinter House – The House On The Hill

When we pass the Grinter House, in Kansas City, Kansas, I try to imagine the life of the Grinters. Being one of the first homes in the area, they surely faced long periods of isolation. Built around 1857, it served as the home for Moses and Anna Grinter. A trail nearby led to the Kaw River, and it was there  that Moses Grinter constructed a river ferry crossing. […]

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The Truman Library-The Buck Stops Here And So Should You

A visit to historic Independence, Missouri wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Harry S. Truman Library. We knew that he started life on a farm in a rural town. We were unaware of some of the experiences that shaped him to be able to lead the United States through one of the most turbulent periods of history. […]

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We Found Wyandotte County’s Hidden Museum

It's a shame that so few people visit their local historical museums. The Wyandotte County Museum located in Wyandotte County Park is a prime example. How many of the county's residents can say they have visited this historical site? Wyandotte County Museum Needs Your Love We dropped in on a Saturday morning to check out any updates. Although they are open a few hours on Saturdays, we figured we would see some other guests. Besides staff, who were extremely welcoming, there was no one else to be seen. Now I guess that is a good and bad thing. It was bad because obviously [...]

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