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Life in the Trenches – National World War 1 Museum

The National World War 1 Museum and Memorial is not a memorial to the war. This national treasure is a reminder of the human spirit and the never-ending fight for peace. Life in the trenches was filled with short periods of sheer terror followed by long spans of boredom. Stretching across the horizon, these muddy, rat-infested trenches offered defense from shrapnel and snipers. When Union General Sherman noted that "War is Hell", he probably hadn't imagined it on a global scale. A visit to this top 25 U.S. museum serves as a reminder to all of the fight to preserve peace, liberty, and [...]

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The Rise Of The Monarchs

Kansas City is a sports city. While we may not always bring home the trophy, our city still supports the players who give their all on the field. In fact, Kansas City was home to the longest-running franchise in Negro Leagues Baseball. The Monarchs began this streak in 1920 and continued until 1965. These days an independent professional baseball team, on the Kansas side of the city, honors the Monarchs name. Looking to learn more about the rise of the Monarchs, we made our way to the 18th & Vine District. A tour of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum was sure to add [...]

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Buck Tui BBQ – East Meets West

Is it just our imagination or does it seem like more and more restaurants are blending cuisines these days? A recent discovery for us is Buck Tui BBQ. When Crystal suggested a visit to a Thai BBQ joint, images of unique dishes raced through my mind. My wildest creations couldn't match the incredible flavors that were in store for us. Friday Date Night was the perfect occasion to visit this newer eatery at 6737 W. 75th Street. Our anticipation was high as we descended on Buck Tui for our first (and not last) visit. Industrial Cool The name Buck Tiu can be loosely [...]

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Prehistoric Putt – Taking It To The Hole

These days there are tons of places vying for your entertainment dollars. When we heard that Prehistoric Putt had opened a location at 13907 Hwy 40, in Independence, we were eager to check it out. We are always on the lookout for new spots to challenge each other and what could top the combination of dinosaurs and golf? To verify it was fun for all ages, we invited our daughter and our two grandkids. Stepping through the door, we discovered that this place has taken indoor mini-golf and blown it up to a new level. It looked like we were going to be [...]

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Poio Mexican BBQ – Blurring The BBQ Lines

Over our lifetimes, we have watched our hometown morph into a diner's paradise. Kansas City, Kansas has gone through an increase of tastes that cover nearly every possible cuisine. With barbecue being the core of so many restaurant's menus, we are always on the lookout for variations. This is exactly what we were looking for during our first visit to Poio Mexican BBQ, at 800 S. 7th Street. It's easy to spot the giant red rooster head, which decorates the outside of this unassuming eatery. On a cold winter day, we were anticipating a hearty dinner to warm us up. First Impressions After [...]

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Jack Stack Barbecue – A Family Tradition

Let's time-travel back to 1957. The world was cast into the "Space Race" with the launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite. In America, Jailhouse Rock was climbing the charts, while Elvis purchased Graceland. Frisbees first hit the market and The Music Man opened on Broadway. (You can read our article about the composer here.) While all of these events were taking place, here in Kansas City we were seeing the start of what would become a family tradition. Russ Fiorella launched his barbecue eatery with a modest menu of a few meat options. From this humble beginning, the Jack Stack Barbecue [...]

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Kansas City Museum – A Renewed Purpose

For decades, schoolchildren from around the metropolitan region made the annual field trip to the Kansas City Museum. I remember visiting during the time that it focused primarily on our hometown's history. It also featured hundreds of taxidermized animals in lifelike settings. In 2008, the museum was closed for a complete renovation and repurposing. When we heard it had reopened, we were eager to see the renewed purpose of this Kansas City landmark. Located at 3218 Gladstone Boulevard, this FREE attraction is a good choice for a day of exploring. Failure Turned Into Success I have to wonder how many fortunes were started [...]

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Parlor KC – A Grownup Food Hall

How many times have you faced the seemingly unsurmountable task of choosing what to have for dinner? It would be nice if they put a variety of cuisines in one space, so you could pick and choose your favorite dishes. Well someone was listening to our suggestions and created Parlor KC. This glorified grownup food hall sits in the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads District, at 1707 Locust St. We've long considered KC the "melting pot of the Midwest", so a chef-inspired collaboration of this magnitude seems perfect for our city. Fun Vibe Stepping through the front entrance, diners are greeted with [...]

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Backyard Barbecue Vibe – Char Bar

It feels a little repetitive to mention that we live in a city filled with amazing barbecue restaurants. While we may not have sandy beaches or snow-capped mountains, any given day can bring the smell of grilling meats wafting across the landscape. When we are looking for southern BBQ in Kansas City, we have a few nice options. One that has gained quite the reputation for food and fun is Char Bar, located at 4050 Pennsylvania in Westport. Sporting a retro feel, this "meat-ateria" has found a way to give off a major backyard barbecue vibe. A Flurry of Activity Dropping by on [...]

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National Museum of Toys And Miniatures – Releasing My Inner Child

I have to admit that there's a little kid in me that can come out at the most inopportune moments. To limit the silliness from becoming too rampant, I find it best to shower my inner child with periodic visits to kid-friendly attractions. Kansas City just happens to be home to quite a few of these, so that works out best for keeping me in check. One of our favorites is the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, which is located at 5235 Oak Street. It is a special place that we recommend to people every chance we get. I may enter this [...]

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