Tasty Bites On The Boulevard – Taqueria Mexico

Kansas City is a city filled with a diverse population. On any given day you can enjoy about any possible cuisine type that you could imagine. It provides plenty of fuel for a myriad of articles about KC restaurants. It seems that there are dozens of corridors that host a collection of eateries, which are often specific to a certain region. On the Kansas side of the state line, we visited Taqueria Mexico at 3300 Rainbow Boulevard. This Mexican cuisine restaurant has a prime spot on the corner of Rainbow and Southwest Boulevards, and the parking lot always seems filled when we pass [...]

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Small Bites Equal Big Taste At Piropos

Friday Happy Hours are some of our favorites. There is something about the end of the week that makes them a little sweeter. We enjoy sampling various locations during the happy hours, since it lets us get some extra value for our dollars. Piropos is an Argentinian cuisine restaurant located at  N. Mulberry Drive in Kansas City, Missouri. Sitting on a hillside above the Missouri River valley, this upscale dining experience offers a variety of spaces to enjoy some refreshments and delicious bites. Western View At first, we considered kicking back on their outdoor patio. Unfortunately, the July heat had set in and [...]

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Coco Bolos Brings The Heat Even In Winter

A few weeks before our visit to Prairiefire, we had been in Manhattan, Kansas. While there, I noticed a restaurant named Coco Bolos and wondered what type of food they served. Our travels that day didn’t allow me to check, but when planning our visit to this Overland Park neighborhood we got a second chance. We contacted the restaurant to let them know we would be dropping by after our museum visit, and then we just waited with anticipation. […]

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Trying New Dishes At Margarita’s

One big advantage to living in Kansas City is the wide range of cuisines available throughout the metro. It seems that no matter which area you are in you can find a good selection of restaurants. Some of the “local chains” have locations scattered around the city, so we can enjoy our favorites wherever we wander. One of these is Margarita’s, which has five locations in Kansas City. […]

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Warm Welcome at Los Alamos Market

Los Alamos Market y Cocina sits in the middle of the  Westside area in Kansas City, Missouri. Located at 1667 Summit Street, it is within walking distance of downtown or the Crossroads District. Since 2001, Los Alamos Market has occupied this corner. Nearby residents and visitors enjoy a variety of locally owned restaurants and shops. […]

Smoky Goodness at El Pollo Rey

The Armourdale section of Kansas City, Kansas is filled with small businesses, and hard working families. Restaurants in the area like El Pollo Rey may cater to the local residents, but their creations draw customers from all around the metro. Many of the buildings that house these restaurants have been home to a variety of businesses in the past. An example of this is the building at 901 Kansas Avenue. During its time as a Dairy Queen, we would frequent it on Wednesday evenings after church services. Of course, this was during my younger years. Since those days, we have not frequented any of the numerous businesses that have occupied the [...]

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New Kid on the Block Taco Republic

Kansas City, Kansas is home to many great Mexican food restaurants. It seems that you can drive a couple miles from anywhere in the city, and find one. If we could, we would try them all. Unfortunately, like BBQ joints, there are just too many. One we enjoy when we are in the KU area is Taco Republic. It is located in the Rosedale section of town, and sits right on the south edge of the county line. […]

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