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Bringing The Sea to KC – Jarocho Authentic Mexican Seafood

Living in the landlocked Midwest can limit our access to fresh seafood. Few places have the dedication to do the legwork required to keep this type of pipeline running. Fortunately, we have a delectable option right in our hometown. Jarocho Authentic Mexican Seafood is bringing the sea to KC. We have been advised of the merits of this KCK restaurant for years but had overlooked trying it out. Since we find ourselves taking a look at places closer to home, this one popped up on our radar. Getting the first impression of a new eatery from their takeout really puts them to the [...]

Taste The Colors Of Mexico – El Toro Loco

Living in Kansas City, Kansas means that we are blessed to have the best Mexican cuisine options in the Midwest. Our hometown is known far and wide for being the home to numerous taquerias (taco stores), carnicerias (meat stores), and cantinas (bar & grills). When you add in the panaderias (bakeries), you expand the list even farther. In and out of each localized neighborhood we have found favorites. That doesn't mean that we don't enjoy trying our hand at new opportunities. A visit to El Toro Loco offered a chance to sample some tastes at the western end of our city. We weren't [...]

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Hacienda To The Heartland – Mi Ranchito Cocina & Cantina

Kansas City has become a destination for some of the best Mexican cuisine north of the border. All across the metro, diners will find an array of options, with dishes that originate from the various states in Mexico. Much like dining across the United States, each Mexican district has its own flavors to impart. We find that almost every restaurant we visit brings its own twist to the dishes they serve. A stop at Mi Ranchito Cocina & Cantina, at 5708 North Oak Trafficway, gave us a chance to savor a new to us local chain. We couldn't wait to taste some dishes [...]

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Bringing Cuban To KCK – Chips & Coins

Do you have that one dish that you just have to try, whenever you see it on a menu? For me, it is the Cuban Sandwich. Years ago I fell in love with this intriguing dish. Since then, I have tested so many varieties, that I have long since lost count. Recently, our friend Rebekah, from Visit KCK, clued us in on a new dining destination in our own hometown. When she told us that Chips & Coins was bringing Cuban to KCK, we knew it had to be sampled. We arranged to meet for lunch, at their 720 Minnesota Avenue location.  We [...]

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Blurring The Line – Guy Fieri’s Dive & Taco Joint

Kansas City has slowly, but surely become a haven for Mexican cuisine. From the small Mom & Pop street taco shops of KCK to the larger chain restaurants scattered throughout the metro. It seems that finding a taco vendor is just about as easy as locating a barbecue. When Guy Fieri decided to jump into the market, many wondered what new twist he could bring to this saturated market. With all of his success featuring Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, we found his new venture to be blurring the line between corporate and authentic. On a beautiful Fall day, we dropped by Guy Fieri's [...]

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GG’s Barbacoa Cafe – Chef Inspired Cuisine

How many times do we drive past a hole-in-the-wall destination without even noticing? If we are being honest with ourselves, this happens to us more than we like to admit. A prime example is a small restaurant that sits at 210 S. 7th Street, in Kansas City, Kansas. Home to GG's Barbacoa Cafe, this diminutive diner hides the truth of the amazing dishes that can be found inside. A friend of ours clued us in on this hidden gem, and we could hardly wait to sample their plates. (Thank you Edgar Galicia for the solid advice!) We want to thank GG's Barbacoa Cafe [...]

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Backyard Dining At Tacos El Tio

Recently, we had a chance to experience the "Taste of Central" festival in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. This event offered participants an opportunity to sample dishes from a variety of restaurants that they may overlook on a regular basis. We have to admit that we are just as guilty as others of forgetting to showcase the cuisines found in our own hometown. While we still want to spread the love around our metro, we know that we need to remember the backyard dining options we have right here in KCK. Testing Tacos El Tio With a long list of Mexican cuisine options, we [...]

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Taco Anyday at KC Taco Company

These days it seems that we are constantly seeing specials for Taco Tuesday events. While it's nice to find a deal on one of our favorite menu items, we think that this delectable cuisine shouldn't be limited to one day per week. We would like to propose Taco Anyday and KC Taco Company is a good spot to enjoy this new holiday. A stop at their location at 520 Walnut Street, on a Saturday evening, to join other diners at this popular Kansas City eatery. We want to thank the KC Taco Company for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  [...]

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Tasty Bites On The Boulevard – Taqueria Mexico

Kansas City is a city filled with a diverse population. On any given day you can enjoy about any possible cuisine type that you could imagine. It provides plenty of fuel for a myriad of articles about KC restaurants. It seems that there are dozens of corridors that host a collection of eateries, which are often specific to a certain region. On the Kansas side of the state line, we visited Taqueria Mexico at 3300 Rainbow Boulevard. This Mexican cuisine restaurant has a prime spot on the corner of Rainbow and Southwest Boulevards, and the parking lot always seems filled when we pass [...]

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Small Bites Equal Big Taste At Piropos

Friday Happy Hours are some of our favorites. There is something about the end of the week that makes them a little sweeter. We enjoy sampling various locations during the happy hours, since it lets us get some extra value for our dollars. Piropos is an Argentinian cuisine restaurant located at  N. Mulberry Drive in Kansas City, Missouri. Sitting on a hillside above the Missouri River valley, this upscale dining experience offers a variety of spaces to enjoy some refreshments and delicious bites. Western View At first, we considered kicking back on their outdoor patio. Unfortunately, the July heat had set in and [...]

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