Hometown Happy Hour – Sarah’s On The Hill

It never ceases to amaze us how many hidden gems there are scattered all around the Kansas City metro. Even in our own corner of the city there are still places we have yet to discover. Recently, we were clued in on a pizza stop located in downtown KCK. A long week of work, provided the perfect reason to embark on a hometown happy hour at Sarah's on the Hill. Located at 612 North 5th Street, Sarah's has been slinging pies to the locals since 2017. Now it was time for us to sample a bit of their fare. Roughing It Sarah's name [...]

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Handhelds And Pizza Pies – D’Bronx Authentic Deli

We have been visiting D'Bronx Authentic Deli for years. Our introduction to this New York-style eatery came in the 1990s, which was not too long after they appeared on the landscape. Their 3904 Bell Street location has always been our go-to spot for handhelds and pizza pies. In fact, one celebration included an attempt to conquer their Party Pizza. Even a group of ravenous teenagers failed to overcome this mountain of dough and toppings. With so many happy memories associated with our visits, we decided that it was past time for us to feature them in an article. Boxes & Bags of Food [...]

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Saint Louis Style Pizza In Kansas City – Leo’s Pizza

It never ceases to amaze us, that one specific dish can have so many variations. A prime example of this is pizza. We are sure that images of various versions of this Italian delicacy are floating through your mind. Not only are there a myriad of ingredient combinations, but these days there is an untold amount of crust options. A visit to Leo's Pizza, at 408 NW Englewood, brought us a new twist, with their Saint Louis style pizza.   Going Old School Leo's Pizza is no newcomer to the Kansas City pizza scene. For over 40 years, they have been slinging dough [...]

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Sizable Slices At Papa Keno’s Pizzeria

In Kansas City, it seems like just about every weekend brings a different festival. In downtown Overland Park, every 3rd Friday brings a new Local Life get together. (You can read more about Local Life here.) During one of these evenings, we dropped in Papa Kenos' Pizzeria for a slice of pizza pie. Sitting at the corner of West 79th Street and Santa Fe Drive, this local chain offers whole pies, as well as sizable slices. Easy-Peasy Ordering Papa Keno's has a varied menu that includes sandwiches and salads, but we were there for their pizza. We had visited their Crossroads location on [...]

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Classic Pies At 1889 Pizza Napoletana

There are few dishes that can represent an entire cuisine. Pizza is one of those meals that can easily stand on its own. In KCK, there are a variety of pizza shops, but 1889 Pizza Napoletana stands out from the crowd by delivering classic pies to its customers. We've had the chance to visit previously, but with eats this good, we were happy to make a return. It was a cold day, and we couldn't wait to get inside, since we knew it would be nice and toasty. You may wonder how the restaurant got its name, because we certainly did. According to legend, [...]

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Stone Canyon Pizza – Fueling Our Shop Small Saturday

Whenever we head out for a day full of exploring, we pre-examine the dining options in the area we plan to visit. This was our second Shop Small Saturday event, and we were excited that it was in Parkville, Missouri this year. Picking Stone Canyon Pizza as our lunch choice was a chance to visit this long time local eatery. With over twenty years in the downtown district, it's a staple restaurant for locals and visitors alike. We want to thank Main Street Parkville and Stone Canyon Pizza for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own. First Impressions Stepping through the entrance, [...]

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Picture Perfect Pizzas At Artego Pizza

Kansas City is filled with all kinds of pizza joints. Many are owned and operated by pizza aficionados who studied in Italy or New York or maybe even Chicago. They bring their special perspective to the food they love creating and give us all a nice variety of pizzerias to select from. Once in a while, we run across a pizza shop that blows the doors off of tradition. This is certainly the case with Artego Pizza at 900 West 39th Street. Being so close to the state line means they have a broad base of fans from KCMO and KCK. We want to [...]

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Chiusano’s Pizzeria – Brick Baked Goodness

A cloudy and dreary Friday evening makes for a difficult date night. One way to bring a little warmth is a visit to a local pizzeria. For a recent outing we chose to dine at Chiusano's Brick Oven Pizzeria in Village West. Located at 1713 Village W Pkwy, Kansas City, KS 66111, this locally owned restaurant offers up Naples style pizzas. Out of the Cold As we entered the pizzeria, we noticed it was pretty busy. That is always a good sign, so we were sure to have a good time. The seating is a mix of tables and booths. There is [...]

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Neapolitan Style Pies At Spin Pizza

For as long as they have been around, surprisingly we had never visited Spin Neapolitan Pizza restaurant. During a bout of shopping, hunger overtook us, and we stopped by their location at 14230 W. 119th Street in Olathe, Kansas. What we discovered at this locally originated pizzeria has created a couple of new fans of the place. […]

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21st Century Delivery at Topp’d Pizza

Pizza is one of our go-to foods, because it comes with so many options. One drawback has always been the long cooking time, but Topp’d has made that a problem of the past.  We visited the KCK location at 3934 Rainbow Blvd. If you are farther south you may want to stop in their newly opened second location at 8750 Penrose Lane in Lenexa. We can only assume that they offer the same menu at both sites. […]

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