Dinner Feast At Jerusalem Cafe

How often do you find yourself wondering why you haven't frequented a place more often? It seems that we eat at the Jerusalem Cafe food truck every time we are shopping in the West Bottoms, but rarely visit their brick and mortar in Westport. Clearly it was time to check out their new home at 515 Westport Road. Some last-minute Christmas shopping brought us to the area, so we decided to enjoy a dinner feast at this Kansas City Mediterranean restaurant. Open Spaces You have to travel back to 1989 to find the start of Jerusalem Cafe. While some may not think that [...]

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Discover Hidden Flavor – Queen Sweets Bakery

To this day, we are amazed at the number of hidden gems that we find spread around the Kansas City metro. There are so many alcoves and pockets dotting the landscape. Thank goodness for Google Maps, since finding places in the pre-computer age was much more difficult. Of course, there are paths that many of us drive every day, which take us so close to some of these unheralded treasures. I'm not sure how many trips we have made up North Oak Trafficway, coming from downtown KCMO. Little did we realize the hidden flavor we passed on each drive. It took a keen [...]

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Getting Our Greek On At Kinzi Mediterranean Restaurant

Sometimes last minute plans can uncover some interesting destinations. Recently, we were leaving church on a Saturday evening, and decided to find some place nearby for dinner. Since we were in Mission, Kansas, there were plenty of options available. Neither of us wanted to commit to a particular cuisine, so I made the decision to sample a new restaurant. As we cruised down Johnson Drive, we came upon Kinzi, a Mediterranean restaurant. This would be a perfect chance to for getting our Greek on without traveling far from home. Simplistic Setting Kinzi sits in a strip mall location at 5329 Johnson Drive. With [...]

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Food, Fun and Broken Dishes – Tasso’s Greek Restaurant

Who says dinner time has to be just about the dishes? A visit to Tasso's Greek Restaurant at 8411 Wornall Road, in Kansas City, offers a meal and more. We stopped in on a Friday evening to check out their menu. Our goal was to try our hand at testing a variety of their flavors. While we both love gyros, neither of us have a good in-depth grasp of Greek cuisine. We always get a little giddy when thinking about getting a chance to savor some new tastes. The restaurant makes a noticeable impression from the street, so we had no trouble finding it. Mood [...]

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Reclined Elegance At The Basha Cuisine

Rewind a couple of years, and we made a visit to The Basha Cuisine with our daughter. She has always been an adventurous soul when it comes to testing various cuisines. This may be the reason we have been so willing to expand our palettes, by visiting the unique restaurants that can be found tucked away around Kansas City. This specific purveyor of Mediterranean cuisine can be found just off of Metcalf Avenue at 7016 W. 105th Street in Overland Park. It's a little difficult to locate, but well worth the effort, as it offers plenty of reclined elegance during meal time. Lunch [...]

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