May 2019

Frank’s Italian Restaurant – Cozy Parkville Dining

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There is certainly something to be said for longevity. When we saw that Frank's Italian Restaurant had been in the same Parkville, Missouri location since 1931, it sparked our interest for a visit. While we were sure that the ownership has definitely changed hands, the fact that the business has survived, speaks volumes for customer loyalty. We dropped into Parkville on a Friday evening for a little miniature golf, followed by a quiet dinner for two. We want to thank Main Street Parkville and Frank's Italian Restaurant for their hospitality. Rest assured all opinions are our own.  Going Green Frank's Italian Restaurant offers [...]

January 2017

Plentiful Eats at Italian Delight

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In 1971, a brand new indoor mall opened in Kansas City, Kansas. People from all around the region flocked to Indian Springs Mall to shop, be entertained, mingle, people watch, and eat. Italian Delight was among the restaurants to call it home. For years this was the place to grab a quick bite or a drink in the mall. People lounged over their meals, while watching the crowds pass by. It was a place to be seen. Many of us came for the pizza. The hot, gooey slices came with an almost limitless choice of topping combinations. The bubbly crust was tender with just the [...]