Betty Rae’s Ice Cream Brings Smiles On A Cloudy Day

This Kansas City winter has brought a rollercoaster of weather. Last weekend we were anticipating our second big snow in two weeks, which fortunately bypassed us. Even with the cold rain falling from the sky, we still planned a stop at Betty Rae's Ice Cream to check out their treat menu. We had been seeing tons of buzz lately about this place, so we figured it was time to see for ourselves. After all, ice cream brings a smile even on a rainy day. A Hefty Menu One of the main reasons we decided on this place was their offering of boozy shakes. [...]

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Sweet Smiles At Decadent Dessert

Sweet treats are always a welcome addition to our weekend excursions. In Prairiefire we found Decadent, a coffee and dessert bar located at 5661 West 135th Street. The name suggests an opulent selection of rich treats, so we were anxious to see what they had in store. The cold winter day begged for the addition of some extra calories just to make up for our shivering. We dashed across the street, and into the shop. Sweet Success Having just finished a very filling meal at Coco Bolos, we still wanted to check out the products at Decadent. (You can read about Coco Bolos [...]

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Harry Truman’s First Job Wasn’t At Clinton’s, but It was still Sweet

We have made many trips to the historic Independence Square. On a lot of those visits we stopped in to Clinton’s Soda Fountain for a sweet break. Clinton’s sits squarely on the corner of Main Street and Maple, and offers a great vantage point for people watching. […]

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Cool Treats at Poppy’s Ice Cream

Poppy’s Ice Cream & Coffee House is located at 307 SE Douglas in downtown Lee’s Summit. It was a welcome sight during our recent visit. For us, one of life’s sweetest treats is ice cream. Give us a warm day, and a bowl of ice cream, and we are just about as happy as we can get. When we happen upon an ice cream shop we have never visited, we just have to stop in to see what they offer. The variety of colors swirled in the different containers are mesmerizing, and we find ourselves drawn to test a few. […]

Sweet Success at The Upper Crust

One of the reasons we look forward to visiting Downtown Overland Park is the chance to stop in The Upper Crust. For those of you that have been here, you know why we are excited. This place is a straight up pie shop with no qualms about their specialty. They aren’t trying to serve a hundred different dessert options, and have honed in on the idea of offering the best pies they can make. They do offer a few cookie and bar options, but it is clear upon entering their shop that they focus on their pies. […]

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