March 2020

Tapping Into Taste – Burg & Barrel

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Living in a city filled with amazing food and drink destinations means that the options always outweigh the opportunities. With the winter weather releasing its grip on Kansas City, it's time for us to spend more time exploring. Over the colder months, we make note of places we pass and add them to our "future visits" list. Since we attempt to avoid repeating cuisines too often, the need to locate new eateries is always in the back of our mind. Tapping into the taste of Kansas City is much more than barbecue. A wide range of flavors awaits those willing to venture out [...]

September 2019

Burgers, Fries and Satisfaction At The Snack Shack

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With all the restaurant options out there, we still enjoy a good old burger joint every so often. These days it seems to get harder and harder to find these stops, as everybody wants to make gourmet burgers. On a visit to downtown Overland Park, we dropped by The Snack Shack on Santa Fe to see what they have to offer. Located at 8039 Santa Fe Drive, the family-owned burger shack has made quite a name for itself. This evening we were in for some burgers, fries, and satisfaction. Looks Quiet When we arrived, we noticed that there were quite a few people [...]

April 2019

Shared Experience At KC Smoke Burgers

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Our travel blogging research sessions almost always only involves the two of us. When some new travel friends suggested joining us for a meal, we saw it as an opportunity to include them in one of our visits. It also gave me the idea of sharing with all of you what goes in to a research trip. Since this particular visit only involved one stop, it made a perfect subject for such an article. Since we are sharing a new topic it only made sense for us to visit a new restaurant near us. When we spotted KC Smoke Burgers, at 1610 W. [...]

March 2019

Stumbling Upon Smitty’s Garage

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We enjoy happening upon a new eatery, especially when it is found in conjunction with another visit. This was the case when we were stumbling upon Smitty's Garage at 8811 State Line, in Kansas City, Missouri. Located in a new development, it joins a handful of other eateries that are new to the city. These new dining options are part of regional chains, which are making their first foray into KC. Stumbling Upon Smitty's Garage The reason for our discovery of Smitty's Garage stemmed from our search for the new Kansas City location of Hurts Donut. We first sampled their unique treats during [...]

June 2017

Getting Unforked

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Not too long ago, Sheridan’s (You know the custard people) launched Unforked. You may notice we rarely feature any restaurants that belong to a chain. Oh sometimes we may include one, if it stands out in some particular way. After quite a few people starting suggesting we visit Unforked, we finally decided it was time to test the waters. There are two locations, one at Crown Center, and the one we visited in Overland Park at 7337 W. 119th Street. […]

April 2017

March 2017

January 2017

Pull Up to Paul’s Drive in

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Every city has a handful of places that are wildly popular, and well known. In Kansas City, Kansas, one of these is Paul’s Drive-in located in the Armourdale region. Those who frequent Paul’s know that it will never be known as a health food store. That is not what their business is founded on. Paul’s serves up the type of greasy spoon food that is packed full of flavor. I’m not sure when they first opened, but I do know they have been serving up baskets of delicious food for as long as I can remember. […]

Turner Tradition at Christy’s Tasty Queen

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We all know of a roadside diner that serves up a specialty, which is an experience all on its own. Some places are known for their chili or sliders, while others focus on a specific side dish. It seems like most places find at least one menu item that becomes synonymous with their name. The same can be said for Christy's Tasty Queen, located at 1405 S 55th Street in Turner, Kansas.  This diminutive stop beckons diners with freshly fried menu items and cold sugary treats. It is also home to a tenderloin sandwich that has a following of its own. On any [...]

Cross the Tracks to Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant

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On my drive, I was stopped by a train. As I watched the cars roll by, I thought of all of the businesses that have sprouted up, because of the railroads. As my mind wandered, probably the most unusual of them came to me, and I remembered an article I wrote about Fritz’s. This place holds some special memories for me, since I used to visit this restaurant with my father, when he was alive. I hope you all enjoy the read. There are many cases in life that the original stands out above any and all replicas. How many movies were so [...]