Funny Names And Flavorful Food – The Shack

What draws you to a new restaurant? Over the past three years we have written articles for around 50 restaurants in the Kansas City metro. When you add in all of the other cities that number jumps to nearly 200 articles. Prior to starting this website, I hosted a restaurant blog that featured many more. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that we have dined at a lot of restaurants. These days many of the places we showcase are recommended by our readers. Periodically, I will happen upon a place that has a ton of intrigue and we just have [...]

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Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts – Bringing A New Twist To KCK

Kansas City has restaurants that cover any cuisine you could imagine. Sampling new eateries are one of our guilty pleasures. While it may seem that we have tried them all, even we are amazed at the number of places still untested. Since Kansas City, Kansas is our corner of the metro, we are always eager to hear about a new dining option coming to town. You can imagine our delight when we discovered that Brown Sugar Chicken & Donuts was bringing a new twist to KCK. Located at 3708 State Avenue, this new restaurant is destined to develop a fanatical following. We want [...]

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Reflecting On Brunch – Urban Table

There is something to be said for loitering. I don't mean the type that will get you ticketed, but the leisurely activity of drawing out an experience. One of our favorite loitering opportunities comes when we go out for brunch. It just seems like the best time to spend extra moments savoring the time away from other responsibilities. Recently, we were reflecting on brunch at Urban Table, which is located at 8232 Mission Road. With plenty of freshly brewed coffee to carry us through our conversations, we soaked in those minutes that fall between breakfast and lunch. A Busy Brunch Let's face it. [...]

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Start Your Morning With A Twist – Snooze A.M. Eatery

When we heard that Snooze A.M. Eatery was planning a Kansas city location, it brought a smile to our faces. We enjoy a standard breakfast as much as the next couple, but the chance to start your morning with a twist makes it extra special. This funky and friendly Denver-based chain has a reputation for bringing fun to the breakfast table. Their newest location is at 4144 Broadway Boulevard in Westport. During a pre-opening weekend, they invited us in to experience a little late morning Snooze. We certainly weren't going to pass up this opportunity to find out what's cooking in their kitchen. [...]

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Why Winter Is Brunch Season – Room 39

We have to believe that we are not much different than most of our readers. Like others, we enjoy a good meal, and trying new restaurants is usually a fun experience. During the winter, we find ourselves having brunch more often. A good example was a stop in Room 39, located at 1719 W. 39th Street. This farm-to-table eatery has been serving Kansas City diners for about 15 years. They offer an upscale dining experience, but their breakfast through lunch meals is a bit more laid back. As we sat there enjoying the moment, it made us contemplate why winter is brunch season. [...]

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Sunday Funday – Brunch At Pig & Finch

Our main travel season runs from late Spring through early Fall. This leaves us four or five months to visit places closer to our hometown. Kansas City is filled with so many great options for entertainment and dining. Lately, we have found ourselves on a bit of a brunch cycle, but this is allowing us to experience Sunday Funday over and over. Recently, we dropped by Pig & Finch Gastropub to sample their brunch menu. Early Arrival We planned our visit to be as early as possible. With a busy day ahead of us, and a Chiefs game on the horizon, we needed [...]

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Getting Our Brunch On At The Farmhouse

A visit to City Market, in downtown Kansas City, offers a chance to hang with the locals. It is also the place to find locally produced fruits and vegetables, as well as other cooking ingredients. With all of this freshness so close, it's no wonder that the restaurants in the neighborhood are so popular. While we have sampled a few of them, it seems like there are always more and more that we need to try. In an effort to remedy this shortcoming, we picked a beautiful Sunday morning to visit The Farmhouse, at 300 Delaware Street. This was a perfect opportunity to [...]

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Global Dining At Tribe Street Kitchen

Exploring Kansas City is a passion for us since it is our home town. Our metropolitan area is unique, as it crosses a state line. While geographically there are actually two Kansas Cities, we treat the metro as one big melting pot. We enjoy showcasing the entire metropolitan area and show the same love to both sides. A popular district is the City Market, which has been in the same location for over 150 years. On a rainy Sunday morning, we drifted into the area looking for a brunch location. We found global dining at Tribe Street Kitchen, which is located at 316 [...]

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Ambrosia Cafe – Fueling A Market Visit

We are always on the lookout for a chance to sample a new restaurant. Kansas City is filled with so many great eateries that it is impossible for us to capture the taste of them all. Even a casual Saturday morning can expose us to a new spot, like a recent visit to downtown Overland Park Farmers Market. Happening upon Ambrosia Cafe, gave us a chance of fueling a market visit. Our morning just got better, and we made our way to a new dining experience. A Stop at Ambrosia Cafe We weren't expecting nearby construction, so we ended up parking a couple [...]

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Ginger Sue’s – Bringing New Twists to KCK

Even though we live in the smallest county in Kansas, it still surprises us how often new businesses open, and we don't know. Fortunately, our good friends at Visit Kansas City, Kansas are always quick to clue us in on these fresh opportunities. On an unseasonably cool Spring Saturday, we dropped by Ginger Sue's, at 2820 West 47th Street, to check out their breakfast menu. The original opened in 2007, on the square in Liberty, Missouri. Since then, they have opened three additional locations, including the one we visited in KCK. Modern Country When we entered Ginger Sue's, we found a clean open [...]

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