Shaking Up The KC BBQ Scene – Q39 Midtown

Some people say we can be slow to adapt to new tastes. The truth is that Kansas City is home to hundreds of restaurants, and there are just two of us. That means we sometimes have to prioritize our visits, which can lead to extended lead times. In a city known for one particular cuisine, we know that it can be best to see how new venues fare over a few years. When Q39 hit the market in 2014, we waited to see if they would be shaking up the KC BBQ scene. Now that they have a few years of customer service [...]

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Creative Carryout At Woodyard Bar-B-Que

As we approach the one month mark, since our hometown implemented the "Stay At Home" rule, we find ourselves adapting to this new reality. While we all hope it is temporary, we know that there is the possibility that it will remain around, in some form, for many months. In the meantime, we are working at finding ways to incorporate our local small businesses into everyday life. Shopping is pretty much out the window unless you need groceries, toiletries or lumber. There is still the opportunity to eat dinner prepared outside of our kitchen, but it requires being willing to pursue creative carryout [...]

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Get Sauced At Big Q Bar-B-Q

Let's face it, us Kansas Citians have a thing for barbecue. There may be other cities that claim the crown for this delectable cuisine, but there is a reason that the World Series of BBQ is held in our hometown. For those needing more proof, just drive by Arrowhead Stadium before a Chiefs game, and take a whiff of the smoke-filled air. We have taken 'Cue beyond the backyard and turned it into an iconic symbol of our city. What we really enjoy is the variety of sauces that can be found throughout the metro. Our local favorite is Big Q Bar-B-Q, located [...]

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The Waiting Game At Joe’s KC BBQ

It seems the whole world has seen or read something about Joe's KC Bar-B-Que. When we think of barbeque restaurants nearby, this is one of the most well-known. A visit to one of their restaurants will usually result in taking a turn at the waiting game. Although the lines may be long, Joe's staff has refined the ordering process to a fine art. This helps them serve the largest number of customers in an efficient manner. Prestigious Past Even though their delectable dishes are familiar to many, the story of their rise to fame is less well known. Kansas City is a BBQ [...]

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One Of Our Hidden Gems – Johnny’s Hickory House BBQ

A couple of weeks ago, we released an article from a trip in Little Rock, Arkansas, where our schedule was interrupted by Guy Fieri. Most of you will recognize his name as the host of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It got us to wondering how many restaurants in our own hometown this TV icon has visited. It didn't take much work to find a trail of his trips on the internet, and low and behold, one of our regular BBQ joints was on the list. Johnny's Hickory House BBQ was featured in April of 2010, which means they had only been open 33 [...]

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Pleasing Presentations At Blind Box BBQ

We can always count on one thing happening when we release a restaurant article in Kansas City. It will create a lot of conversation among the KC Foodies, which almost always results in a list of more restaurants to add to our "Need To Visit" list. Such was the case for Blind Box BBQ, which was mentioned by a few readers after we posted a previous barbecue article. We made plans to drop in to what we thought was a newer KC BBQ joint. Located at 13214 West 62nd Terrace, in Shawnee, this place has actually been open for around three years. It [...]

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Taking a Spin At A Little BBQ Joint

Kansas City is such a mecca for barbecue, that we believe you could easily eat this cuisine at a different restaurant every week and never repeat locations. It seems like wherever we travel in the metro, we run into at least one place we had never visited before. This was the case when we stumbled upon A Little BBQ Joint at 1101 West U.S. Highway 24 in Independence, Missouri. The outside decor screamed at us to visit, and our hungers joined in. Local Haunt This day had already been filled with a visit to the Vaile Museum and their annual Strawberry Festival. (You [...]

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You’ll Squeal With Delight At SLAP’s BBQ

Whenever we post an article about Kansas City BBQ we receive lots of feedback. Talking barbecue in KC is like discussing pizza joints in Chicago or Philly steak sandwiches in Philadelphia. While it seems that everyone has a different opinion on their favorite, the one thing we can agree on is that Kansas City is the place to be for delicious 'Cue. Recently we made a return visit to S.L.A.P.'s BBQ for a quiet KCK lunch. It was a cool day, so we figured that we might luck out and get the place to ourselves. Those in the know will be chuckling right [...]

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Filling Station BBQ – Another KC Gas Station BBQ Joint

We are trying to figure out what it is about gas stations and BBQ in Kansas City. We all know about the nationally recognized joint that recently dropped Oklahoma from its name. There is another place that sits on the side of the highway a little farther west in KCK. Well now we found one across the state line in the Lee's Summit area. Filling Station BBQ is located at 333 SE Douglas Street in the downtown section. Let's take a closer look. The Golden Era When we arrived at Filling Station BBQ it was obvious where the name originated. Unlike the other [...]

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Danny Edwards BBQ – Eat It & Beat It

Writing about Kansas City barbecue can be a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing, because it means that we had a chance to experience another hometown joint, like our recent visit to Danny Edwards Blvd Barbecue at 2900 Southwest Blvd. The curse is knowing that there are so many other places left to explore, and the possibility that we may overlook some. I guess like everything, you do what you can, and just be satisfied with a good effort. […]

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